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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nostalgia strikes

On FB yesterday, I mentioned that I wanted to make Blurb books for the kids.  It started out as a simple idea.  Just upload some of the thousands of pictures that I seem to have of the kids.

But my life never seems to travel on the "simple" path very long.

I quickly realized that I had photos in a ton of folders.  A few weeks ago, I had started to go through them and make an folder for each kid.  And in each folder, there are sub folders by age.  So for Peanut, her folders are 2 years old to 7 years old.

A few nights ago, I was going through pics on my FB and saw pics of the kids that I had forgotten about and those photos were NOT in their folders.  Crap.  There were 100's of pics on our external hard drive that were not on my laptop.

So, I started putting those in their appropriate folders and while looking through them, I found a few gems from when the kids were 2 and 4, when I first met them.

First up, Button at 4 years old, showing off the icing on her finger from a cupcake that she had just eaten.  And no, she had no idea she was giving this salute.

And not to be outdone, Peanut at 2 years old did a sort of "drive by" salute as she was running around the house one day.

The next one is Button, just one day after we first met.  Yeah, she'll warm up to me one of these days.

And of course, at dinner this same night, she decided that her chair at dinner needed to be as close to mine as possible.  And she took great pride in showing me her "mash-a-tate-as".

And then we have probably the one photo that sums up Peanut's 2nd year on this earth... and 3rd year.  And a little of the 4th. (She fell asleep this way.  Seriously, passed out in the car with that lower lip so far out, she could have tripped on it.)

 And then we have Button again, this time coloring a picture and making sure that we knew not to look until she was finished.  

Here we have Peanut in her cast.  We are never going to know exactly what happened to her wrist.  The doctor didn't even see a fracture but it was hurt.  My theory is that the "game" they were playing that day (jerking each other up off of the floor while pretending to be Dora and Boots and chanting 1,2,3!) was the reason for the injury.  Whatever it was, Peanut had a pretty blue cast for 8 weeks.  But after a day with it, she was back to her usual self.... flying.  Her feet were rarely on the ground.  The kid had SERIOUS calf muscles by 4 years old.

Last but never least, my most favorite pic of Peanut.  Something about this just makes me feel all lovey inside.  And I miss those curls.

 Don't you just love pics like these?  It  makes you miss those older days because they make you forget all about the tantrums that you never captured.

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