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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

To all of you that celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Make sure to pace yourselves while eating and remember that naps are your friend.

To get some of you in the holiday spirit, I'd like to share with you what happens when tacky sweaters, crazy people, and tutus collide.

Left to right:
Manda and I having another 'moment'
Me, Bug, and Manda
Me and my awesome husband
Me, Noodle, and Manda
Noodle, Peanut, Button, and Bug being themselves

Poopy G got in on the holiday action as well:
As you can see, Poopy doesn't care what we do as long as he gets attention.

I'll be back posting after Christmas! And I still have some pics left to post of the last trip down south.

Happy Holidays!

Disney Skies

While we were at Disney, we saw some beautiful sunsets and skies. Florida in December is just beautiful. And not having to wear winter clothing while viewing those sunsets? Priceless.

Here are a few that I snapped with my iPhone:

View from Disney's Yacht and Beach Club dock, waiting for the Friendship Boat:

View of Disney's Boardwalk from in front of the Beach Club:

 View of the Boardwalk at night from the Beach Club:

 Sunset time from the dock in front of the Beach and Yacht Club:

Just before entering the Magic Kingdom:

Inside the Magic Kingdom, leaving Tomorrowland, heading to Main Street:

Cinderella Castle:

Beautiful evening in the new part of Fantasyland, in front of The Little Mermaid ride:

Hollywood Studios, looking towards the Mickey hat:

Leaving Hollywood Studios, waiting for the Friendship Boats on the dock:

Entering the Magic Kingdom:

View from the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Under the Sea with Ariel... and a Peanut that almost exploded

Last year, Disney World opened up the expansion of Fantasyland. Among the new castles and eventual new ride/coaster (it's not open yet), Disney brought in Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. (Disneyland in CA has had this ride for years, I hear.)

Peanut's favorite Disney princess/character is Ariel. She just loves that little mermaid. And when she found out that Ariel had her own ride, she just had to go.

The day of the ride, we managed to get a Fastpass for it while eating dinner at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh. (More on that later.) After dinner, we headed straight for the ride and Peanut had a bounce in her step. By the time we were about to board the clamshell and ride, she was positively giddy. Beyond happy.

I'm not kidding.
I have NEVER seen her that excited before...ever. We really were worried about combustion.

Here she is getting ready to go on the 'best ride ever":

If you have a little princess that loves Ariel, you must take her on this ride if you are at Disney World or Disneyland.

The story of the Little Mermaid, in a few pictures:

At the end of the ride, Peanut got this horrible sad face and told me that she wanted to ride it again and again. But she understood that the standby line was too long and we wanted to do a few other things before heading in for the evening.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

On my birthday, we attended Mickey's Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. Luckily, my husband purchased the tickets for the party before we got there because the night of the event, it was sold out.
(To attend the party, you must purchase a separate ticket for the event. Your normal park ticket will not get you in the park for the party. Upon arriving for the party, you are given a band to wear and must show it throughout the park during the party.)

We got to the Magic Kingdom before 6 and the party was starting/park was closing for non-party goers in an hour. Eating dinner was the first priority and then we saw the Christmas parade, followed by a special showing of the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular fireworks.

Some of the my favorite pics from the parade:

My favorite is Winnie the Pooh... always and forever. I love that little bear.

I have seen the toy soldiers before and love them. The marching and noise they make it great.

We had such a blast and it was a wonderful way to spend my 7th 29th birthday.

More pics tomorrow!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Disney's Beach Club Christmas decor

Our hotel at Disney was decked out for the holidays. We stayed at the Beach Club last year but during the holidays, it has a magical quality due to the trees and carousel.

Around the hotel were wreaths and trees of different sizes and decorations. I didn't get them all but you get the idea from the ones that I did photograph.

The carousel in the lobby is amazing. When you walk in, all you can smell is chocolate and gingerbread. It's crazy.

The kids LOVED the carousel and had a blast trying to search for the Hidden Mickey heads. We found the first 13 pretty quick. That last one was a doozy due to the night we were looking, the carousel wasn't spinning and it really was hidden. But my husband located it the last night.

More pics coming up on Monday!