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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My husband, the builder

I love my husband. He makes me laugh and puts up with me when most people would run away screaming, as if their asses were on fire and the need to find a lake was the only thought in their minds.

And although there were many things that I loved about him back when we first got married, I had no idea that he had a hidden talent: building things to make our life easier.

I posted pictures of the beds that he made for the kids here.
And I posted pictures of our renovation in our home here.

But a few days ago, he made something for me that I am in love with... lots of love.
I was in need of somewhere to put my earrings. Before, they were piled in a draw and they were always getting twisted and mangled. Also, it made it hard to take stock of what I have.

I searched Etsy and the net looking for something that I wanted and came away irritated. Have you seen what some people charge for a simple wall hanging jewelry holder? Ridiculous.

When I mentioned this to my husband, he got an idea.
And he sketched it out, measured my earrings and how many there were at the time.

This is the finished product:

He designed and built it while I did the sanding and staining since I did want to help.
He added hooks along the bottom so that I could hang my necklaces.
The space on the bottom row will be for rings, just as soon as he gets the supplies that he needs to fill it in.

I love it.
I can actually SEE what I have without having to paw through a drawer or untangle a huge mess of beads and metal.

And? I still have room for more earrings.  LOL.

Extreme Makeover: Kid Edition

Hey all!

I know, I said I'd have pics of vacation over a week ago.
And I don't have them edited and marked yet.
*hides face in shame*
I've been such a bad blogger!


I do have 3 pics to share.

Almost two years ago, we moved Button into her own room. A year or so later, we realized that she needed a desk and there was no room to put a desk in her room. (The house was built in 80 and it's really small and narrow.)
We could have bought a loft bed from IKEA but our ceilings are too low for those that they usually offer. And we didn't feel like paying over 200 bucks for a bed.

So, my husband made one for her. He designed it and built it while I finished it (staining and such).
She LOVES that bed. At first, the desk was under the bed. But as she got a little taller, the desk needed to be moved into the open. (Also, when we bent down to assist with homework, we each cracked our head on that beam a few times.)

This is the most updated picture of Button's bed:

As you can see, her bookcase is now under the bed, as is her Lego bin and reading nook.
She loves it and you can usually find her in that beanbag reading the days away.

Peanut got Button's old smaller bed from Ikea and it's worked up until we realized that she was also running our of room. (Sadly, they both have a lot of furniture.)
My husband and I kept saying, 'she doesn't have enough room'.
But before, she was too young to loft her bed. (Okay, it wasn't just her age. It was her ability to ooze out of her bed and end up on the floor so much.)

Well... she now has a loft bed.
Again, my husband designed it and built it. Since her room is already painted white, we went with a white bed. This way, I can add color easier. (Button's room is hard to shop for. That purple and green don't match much.)

When we made Button's bed, she had no idea. We worked on it while they were with their bio mom one week and then surprised her when they got back home.
We couldn't surprise Peanut since they are home everyday now.
But she actually liked knowing and bless her... she never bugged us asking when it would be done.

Peanut's new bed:
I LOVE her new bedspread. So much color and it's fun!
She still has her pet net but now she can get them out for herself.
As you can see, she isn't going to be falling oozing out of there any day soon.

Her 'reading cave':

She loves the new room. We also replaced her old pink curtains with turquoise curtains which make the room so much brighter.
He bookcase and toy bins fit so well under the bed and now she has a whole corner on the opposite side of the room to play with her toys.

I wish we could loft our bed. I want my own reading cave.


Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm Still Here!

It's been weeks since my last post, I know.
We were in South Carolina for a couple of weeks in June, celebrating our anniversary, the adoption, and the end of the school year. Then we were in Tennessee visiting my mom for a day and then off to Gatlinburg, TN for the weekend to eat junk food and see lots of fish.

We were gone when the really bad storms were hitting the Twin Cities, thank goodness. But we worried a bit to what we would find when we got home. Luckily, all was good here.

We had a blast! Swimming, relaxing, and eating.
When I get a chance to get all of the pictures edited, I'll get them up in a post.

We've been back for a little over a week but it's been go, go, go since our return. New vehicle, fireworks on the 4th, a quick and painful trip to the Mall of America... and oppressive heat/humidity. Seriously, I left the south to get away from this icky feeling outside.

Hopefully, I'll be back to normal blogging by mid week.
Hope to see you then!