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The Rocky Road to Healthy

I will update this page as much as possible.
It takes a lot of guts to post your weight on a blog.

Current weight: 181.8
Height: 5'7''

This constant back and forth is killing me. I MUST make myself be more consistent.

Goal weight: 140?   I have no clue.  My actual goal is to get back into my old jeans.  When I wore them last, I weighed 130-135 but I was flabby... no muscle at all.  If I get back into them but have muscle, I will probably weigh closer to 140 or 145.

Workout schedule:
New program starting soon.

What I eat: Note- I have been known to eat breakfast for dinner, dinner for lunch, etc. So there is no set time of day that I eat anything listed below.

~ Homemade egg and cheese "mcmuffin" with milk  (recipe found on Pinterest)
~ Peanut Butter Toast with milk (reduced fat PB, whole wheat bread, 1% milk)
~ Chicken salad sandwich (low fat mayo and 100% whole wheat bread)
~ Quaker Raisins and Spice Oatmeal (my fav oatmeal)
~ Baked chicken with veggies
~ Baked salmon with couscous and veggies
~ Tuna salad with fruit
~ Chicken tacos
~ Smart Ones/Lean Cuisine Dinner (this happens on lazy nights)

~ Peanut Butter and Chocolate Zone Bars
~ Fiber One Chewy Bars- Oats and Chocolate
~ Yoplait Low Fat Yogurt
~ Apples
~ Low Fat String Cheese

I don't cut out anything from my diet. I eat bread. I eat sweets. Why? Because I don't want to be on my deathbed one day cursing myself for not living while I had the chance.
I believe that you can eat what you want... IN MODERATION.

Eat clean? I didn't know food was dirty.
A few years ago, carbs were the devil.
Before that, MSG was going to kill us all. Stop blaming food for obesity.


Food is not the enemy.
Eat ENOUGH, not too little... not too much.

Figure out your BMR and figure out where the deficit needs to be.
NEVER skip meals.

Please note: I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a personal trainer.
The schedule and lists of foods above are what I need to do for my body to change.
I have consulted with my doctor and have been cleared to do the working out that I do.
Your weight, height, frame, and activity level will most likely vary greatly.

ALWAYS talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program or change your eating. If you have health concerns that could be a problem, you should know that before you start working out.

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