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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Summer? Can you hear me?

It's the end of February and there's snow all over the place.  Not as much as the winter 2 years ago when the Metro Dome roof caved in on itself, but enough that I miss the grass.

I was looking through some older pictures tonight and came across 4 pictures from the summer of 2011.  And it made me itchy for this summer to get a move on.

When Button was back in 1st grade, their class went to the MN Arboretum.  And all of the kids attending, and the chaperones, got to take home sunflower seeds in little plastic planters.  This was in the first few days of May, as I recall.

The sunflowers quickly started to grow and we had to take them and plant them in the garden, which was void of any plant life at that point.

Those suckers were HUGE at the end of the year.  One was over 11 feet tall!  And from the heads of those flowers, we plucked some more seeds to plant the next year.

Every summer, we plant a few seeds and watch the sunflowers grow faster than Peanut.

These pics were taken in the summer of 2011 and I believe the sunflower closest to the garage did get up to 11 feet or taller.  It dwarfed the kids.

Peanut is on the left, Button is on the right

Yeah, those sunflowers can get REALLY tall.  The tallest one each year is always referred to as "Fat Head" since it usually has the largest leaves and head.

And these pics I edited using a cool little app on my iPhone, Color Splash.  It's free!  And it's fairly easy to the get the hang of and use.  I edited quite a few pics that year using the app.

Peanut, demonstrating what little sisters are supposed to do:

Peanut, making the sunflower look even larger:

March will be here Friday and with usually comes warmer temps and the "great thaw".  Here's hoping for some quickly warming days and weeks so that we can get back outside and play.
Until then, stay warm my friends up north!

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