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Monday, April 22, 2013

Music for my Soul

Back in early 2009, I was engaged and starting posting with other brides-to-be on The Knot. And since I was going to be a June bride, I mostly posted on the June 2010 board.

(If you are getting married, check out The Knot. There are tons of boards to choose from and you don't have to stay on one or the other. There are month boards which in my eyes were wonderful since you can talk to all sorts of people getting married the same month that you are getting married.)

The main reason I loved The Knot? I met some really great gals in my wedding month. I still haven't met any of them in person since we were spread out from California to New York, but I still talk to a few of the regularly. I love my June girls and I do keep up with quite a few of them on FB.

It was wonderful being able to talk to other ladies who were all going through the same thing. At the time, none of my friends were getting married and most people get tired of hearing about your wedding planning and listening to you stress over the linens. Other brides typically don't get tired of it and will be there to talk to, day or night. WARNING: If you are an "entitled' bride, I would advise not posting unless you like to have internet strangers tear you apart.)

ANYWAY, the reason for this post was to highlight a musician that I discovered while being on The Knot. One day we were talking about music that we loved and someone mentioned Jem.  (My first thought was "Jem and the Holograms? Yeah, I watched that years ago".)

Jem is a female musician/singer from Wales and she has a beautiful voice. I liked her so much that I ended up choosing one of her songs for our wedding video. (The kids adore her. They get so excited when I play any of her songs in the car.)

She hasn't had a new album out since 2008 but from her FB page, I gather there is a new album coming out this year. YAY!

Below are a few of her songs that I love. (One of them was used in the first Sex and the City movie, which I discovered yesterday on You Tube. See, I still haven't watched the movie so I had no idea.)

The video gets a little blurry at time and jumpy. Not sure if that 
was the point or what. But listen to the song, don't mind the images.
(This song was in Sex and the City.)
Jem- It's Amazing

I never watched Gossip Girl so I have no idea 
when this song was used. But I like it.
Jem- Crazy

I love the CD version because she plays the piano in the beginning.
Jem- Down To Earth

Totally low budget video and I love it.
Jem- They

I love her voice. And some of her songs will stay with you for a long time. And since they lack the sexual crap and swearing that most pop music has these days, they are kid friendly.

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