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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sorry, But They Won't Break Up the Set

We were informed by Peanut that her class is doing a project.
And of course, she has no idea when she is supposed to be doing this.
Did a note come home? No.
Should you trust a 7 year old to relay these messages? No.

Each kid is to bring a king sized pillow case to school and then all of the kids take turns putting their hand prints on each pillow case with paint.

Sounds neat, I suppose.

But what in the hell is she going to do with it?

She probably won't want to sleep on it since it would be all sorts of scratchy.

Not to mention... where am I supposed to get ONE king pillow case?
Stores around me don't sell them in singles, they sell them in SETS.
(I checked.)

And we don't have ONE pillow case laying around for her to use.
The only king sized pillow cases in this house belong to my husband and me.
And those are a dark purple.

And even if they were white... how would that work?
Draw straws to see who gets the pillow with the case on it that night?
Flip a coin?
Split it open and pin each half to one side of each of our pillows?

A t-shirt.
THAT would make more sense.
A t-shirt is something she could wear and get some use out of until she hits her next growth spurt. (Which by my calculations should be next Thursday at 3:17pm)

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