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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

This was one of the best weather weekends that we have had in months. It wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying it.

Friday, we took the kids to dinner at Chili's and bought them a couple of new dresses at Target. (Of course, we weren't there to buy dresses but they were adorable. I am a terrible in that clothing section.)

Button's new dresses:

I love both of them but the little maxi dress on the right is so freaking cute.

Peanut's new dresses:

Peanut actually picked out the little butterfly dress on the right. 
And I got her a maxi dress like Button's but in a different color. 
(No. They will NOT wear them at the same time. Ever.)
After Target and dinner, we headed to Famous Footwear. Button said that her shoes were feeling a little too snug. Yup, the kid is finally remembering how to grow.
And since Button actually outgrew all of her sandals this year and Peanut outgrew every shoe she owned last year, we had to stock up for the summer.

We got to use a discount card due to being Rewards members so we got 20% off of our purchase. Add to that that most of their shoes are usually marked down, we made out like bandits. 5 pairs of kids shoes for 80 bucks.

Button's new kicks:

Those black thongs are a glittery silver on the straps. And they are super cushioned.

Peanut's new kicks:

On Saturday, I washed my SUV. And when I say washed, I mean I detailed the hell out of it. I think I was trying to wash away any sign of the winter that we had this year. I washed the outside, vacuumed the inside, used Armor All cleaning wipes and then protecting wipes.

On Sunday, my husband washed his own SUV. (I didn't do much other than constantly wetting it with the hose so that it wouldn't start to get water spots. I am a little anal about car washing.)
I didn't really wash the outside but I detailed the inside of it for him.

I am shocked that my nails didn't take more of a hit from all of the water.

We had a great weekend and we were soooo happy that the weather finally started cooperating.
(Sadly, I may go postal by Wednesday judging by the Weather.Com forecast.)

Oh, and we got a new quote from Peanut for the Kid Quotes page here on the blog:

Peanut: Today at lunch, I had a California burger.
Me: Why was it called a California burger?
Peanut: *shrugs* I think maybe because it was made of California.

Interesting. I didn't know they sliced that up and served it these days.

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