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Monday, August 26, 2013

5 Reasons I need to lose weight

Sure, there's more than 5, but that's a good number to start with, yeah?

No matter how much wishful thinking I do, this weight doesn't lose itself.
I know, shocking, right?
So I'm back at it again.

Back in January, I started working out again and eating better.
My regime lasted until March and then I went back to being normal lazy.
Yup, I lost about 10 pounds in less than 2 months and then stopped working out.
And now 3 pounds have found me again.

But it's time. I am just not happy with myself and it's never going to change if I sit around reading and not moving enough a day.

So to motivate myself, and hopefully a few other people, here are my top 5 reasons why I need to stick with it this time and loss this extra weight.

1) I want to be healthy: Shouldn't that be at the top? I don't really like the idea of having high cholesterol, heart disease, or any of the other numerous health problems associated with being overweight.

2) I want to be a role model to my kids: It's sort of hard to lecture your children about the importance of eating right and getting enough exercise. Unless I want to be like my mother and adopt the motto "do as I say, not as I do". (Note: my mother is actually really healthy. She works out and eats almost nothing bad... which I find horribly boring and limited. She mainly used that motto when it came to driving and swearing.)

3) I want more energy: I would love to be able to run a half marathon... or even walk that far without looking for a big, fat Cherry Coke and some shade. I may never be a runner, but I'd love to have the energy to do it. I want to be able to play Tag with the kids and not quit so early.

4) I miss shopping: I haven't really bought myself any clothing in several years. I've bought a few shirts here and there but nothing else. I want to but then I think "if I lose weight in the next few months, I will have wasted money on these new items and they'll just head to Goodwill". So I just don't buy anything. BUT I WANT TO. And Fall will be here soon which means the jeans come back out. I had one pair that still fit right but they are no longer with us. I wore them so much, the material actually started to wear out and they just died at the end of this past winter. RIP, favorite 7 Jeans.

5) I want my confidence back: At one point in my life, I weighed between 130-135 pounds. I felt better about myself then and I miss that feeling. I want to be okay with my husband taking my picture on trips. I am making the kids photo books for this summer and I'm not in a single photo. Not one. (At Disney last summer, I had PhotoPass photos taken... and let's just say that Momma wasn't happy with the photos when they were uploaded and almost became a drinker. Also, wearing white just made me look even wider.)

I am updating the weight info when it changes in my Rocky Road to Healthy tab at the top of the page. I am honest about it... even if I don't like it.

Am I alone in this weight loss hell?


  1. You're not alone. I was at a very healthy 130 as well...10 years ago. The 40 pounds I gained about 5 years ago, did not look good in Christmas or vacation photos! It's been a struggle to get serious, but this year I've made progress in keeping a routine and better eating habits. It took a few friends wanting to get serious about their health & exercise that got me motivated. I look forward to reading more about your goals to get healthy!

    1. It's tough. It's a constant struggle for most of us.
      But then, anything worth doing usually isn't easy.

      I was doing great but then hit a bump in the road, and for once it wasn't just me being lazy. I was at the doctors office 4 times last week and in terrible pain. So my workouts were put on hold, much to my disgust. I'll end up writing that post up by the weekend.

      Good luck to you!