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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Finally Came Home

Hey all!
I am finally getting around to getting photos edited and watermarked for the blog. Yay!

We traveled down south 2 times this summer, once in June and again in early August. 
Our destination was Hilton Head Island, SC. It's near Savannah... at the southern tip of South Carolina.

I started vacationing there with my family when I was around 8 years old.
Years later, I started going with my friends.
Once I met my husband, we started vacationing there once a year, in the summer, without the kids. It was our 'alone time'.

And now, we are starting the tradition of taking our kids to the island.
Boy, did they love it.
But then... how can you not?
It's quiet. It's peaceful. And really family friendly.

You can bike across the entire island, swim in the ocean, tan on the beach, play golf, play tennis, eat great food, walk 114 steps up to the top of a lighthouse, take a dolphin tour, kayak, canoe, ride jet ski's, and so much more.

Although, we basically just ate, swam in the pool, and napped on the screened porch. LOL.

Hopefully, I'll have most of the photos edited tomorrow.
But I'll leave you with the photos that I took on the way to the island.
(I have a thing for sunsets. And driving through flat, open areas like Iowa and Illinois is a sunset lovers dream.)

Do you see the face in the top right photo? Let me know if you do!

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