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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I only put a song on repeat when I'm alone

Every once in a while, I get hooked on a song.
Not in the "I need to hear it every single day" way.
No, I'm talking about listening to it for almost an hour (or more) straight every few weeks.

Tonight, I was working on a project in the kitchen.
I got tired of hearing the television so I got out my headphones and pulled up my music on my phone.
I did start out listening to a playlist and made it through to the end... to the song.

And then I put it on repeat and listened to it for over an hour.
What song?

Kings of Leon- Sex on Fire

I think I first heard it last summer (2012) while on vacation.
And there's just something about it.

It's not the lyrics. I'm not fantasizing about having mind blowing sex with someone I hardly know.
It's the music.
And it's the voice.

The music is almost haunting to me, in a good way.
It just stays with me for hours, sometimes days.

And I love the raspy, almost forced sounding voice of the lead singer.
It just sounds like there is so much raw emotion coming out of that guy.

I can literally listen to this song for hours, whether I am doing something or just sitting in one spot spacing out.

But I only do it if I am in the car alone, which rarely happens, or if I have my headphones on.
I am fully aware that other people might not/don't share my weird tendencies.

Any songs do this to you?


  1. I totally do this! Every month or so I get obsessed with a song and listen to it all. the. time.

    1. It's crazy how obsessed we can get about music!