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Thursday, October 17, 2013

TBT- Jams from October 1985

October 1985.
I was 7 years old, about to turn 8.
I was in the 2nd grade and already addicted to music.

My parents split when I was only 3 and when I spent weekends with my father, he was watching MTV. (You know, back when they actually played videos and had NO game shows or reality shows.) So since he watched, I watched. Thus began my love of music, specifically 80's music.

~I loved (and still love) Def Leppard.
~I thought ZZ Top was so cool because of their car.
~Loverboy sang my most favorite song, 'Queen of the Broken Hearts' (1983).
(My father took me with him to see them in concert when I was in kindergarten. I fell asleep right after I heard my song. I had a shirt and rocked that thing back in class.)


This week of October back in 1985, there were some great songs on top of the charts.
Music that is still used in movies and TV.
Music that makes a lot of people sit back and think about days gone by.

So, without further ado, here are some of the songs that graced the charts in 1985:

Glenn Frey- You Belong to the City
I absolutely love this song. The sax starting it out, the beat of the song (you could see yourself walking around a big city while it plays)... this song gets stuck in my head a lot.
Plus, Glenn Frey was a founding member of the Eagles. The man knows music.

Heart- Never
Ann and Nancy Wilson were the faces and voices of Heart. They made great music, giving us songs like 'What About Love', 'These Dreams', and 'Nothin' At All'.

John Cougar Mellencamp- Small Town
The fact that there were so many old pics of Mellencamp in the video made the song mean even more. He really was/is a huge fan of small town life, something a lot of people know about firsthand.

ZZ Top- Sleeping Bag
"Slip inside my sleeping bag"
That's a tongue twister, to me. I have screwed it up while singing the song more times than not. And I enjoy it every single time. ZZ Top was one of my favorite bands as a kid.

Starship- We Built This City
I never understood the traffic report in the song. I still don't quite get why it was in there. But I still love the song. It reminds me of summer time at the YMCA.

Dire Straits- Walk of Life
I loved this video as a kid. And now? It's a trip down sports memory lane.
Watch the video and check out the old sports uniforms (especially how short the basketball shorts were back then). And in the crowd, you can see the 80's hair and clothes. Still love it.

That's it for this weeks walk down music memory lane.
Do any of these songs bring back memories for you?
Or are you younger than me and think I'm older than dirt?

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