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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes, random thoughts pop into my head. Most of the time, I keep these to myself since the thoughts are usually fleeting.

But don't you feel special that I am sharing them with you now?
Come on, admit it. You want to wear a sash and tiara now, don't you?

1) Viral videos: I watch Ridiculousness all the time and I always wonder, who put the video online? Some of the idiots in the videos get really hurt or do dumb shit. Are they also dumb enough to put the video out there for public ridicule? Did a family member or friend find the video and post it out of spite or retribution? "Smack me in the nuts, huh? Let me post this video of you kissing your mirror, hard. Paybacks are a bitch, dude."

2) Bieber: ....when was the last time someone told that little brat "no, don't do that"? I mean, other than someone affiliated with the law. Or his neighbors.
Does ANYONE in his entourage ever try to steer this kid on the right path? Or are all of them benefiting too much from his millions?

3) I want a treehouse. I have wanted a treehouse since I was a kid and now watching Treehouse Masters, I am completely in love with the idea of having a treehouse as a retreat. Screw the kids... I would be living in that thing. If you have a large enough tree (and equally large bank account), you can have a treehouse with a kitchen and a bathroom. A bathroom!
Visit Pete's site to see the portfolio. Holy cow. Go look!

Look at this one!
Image Credit: DCL

4) Pinterest: I love it. I could spend hours on it. But I cannot handle when someone makes a new board and does nothing but pin to it and it alone for the next 2 hours. I have to scroll for what seems like an hour to get down to pins NOT pinned to that ONE board. And since I am already married, I doubt I have a need to see 400 pins about wedding day hair. Or how to announce an impending birth.

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