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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas mani and TSO

I finally painted my nails again. I do believe the last time was back in November...a month ago. Wow. That's longer than I was thinking it had been. Between the resin work, messing with Christmas decor, and other stuff I just didn't feel like painting them when there was a huge chance the polish would chip of in an hour.

Thursday night, we had tickets to see TSO in Atlanta. I wanted a festive holiday mani since TSO is all about Christmas this time of year.

My husband and I have seen them twice before up in Minnesota but this was a first for the kids, kids who absolutely love their music.
The show was fantastic and the kids had a ball. They've decided that they'd like to go see the show every year.

If they come to a town near you, GO! (You'll most likely have to wait until next year. They do this show from mid-November to early January. Tickets went on sale in September? And they DO sell out shows.)

So, for my Christmas spirit mani, I chose to experiment with free handing an animal and using striping tape which I have but never seem to bother with (mainly since I'm inpatient and the tape is tiny).

I found a tutorial from Blanket Print Nails for Rudolph and I thought I could try it. I did a Scotch Tape Christmas tree a few years ago (wrote this post of it a few months ago) but I wanted to do it again since it's easy as heck.

I present.... my Christmas nails:
Polish bottle shown- Zoya Holly

I was very happy with how Rudolph turned out. The candy cane nails took the longest because I'm not that great getting striping tape to cooperate. (I need decals.)

Colors used:
Zoya Holly, Darcy, Trixie, Flynn, and Louise
OPI Big Apple Red and Angel with a Leadfoot
ORLY Liquid Vinyl

Polish bottle shown: OPI Big Apple Red

Polish bottle shown: Zoya Trixie

Polish bottle shown: Zoya Flynn

That's all for today! Hopefully this mani lasts a few days because I don't think I feel like doing anything else yet.

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