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Friday, March 29, 2013

SOMETHING Besides a Ponytail, Please

Ponytails. Our kids rock them most of the year. It keep the hair out of their faces and usually involves less tangles. But what about when you feel like they look the same, day after day?

I found a website last year, Hairstyles By Mommy, and I have tried a few hairstyles on the girls. We all love them!

This was the first attempt at any hairstyle on that site:

I loved it because Button could wear her hair down but it would stay out of her face.
This past fall, she rocked this in her school pics. I loved it.

At the time I found the site, it was less than a year after Peanut whacked her own hair off* so she had much shorter hair in the front, but not quite bangs. This style was perfect:

I thought it was neat to use her own hair as a headband. And she loved it. Thought it was SO cool.

*Yes, in Oct of 2010, when Peanut was only 4, she sat at daycare and cut her hair. Her hair was down that day since she was staying the week with her bio mom (who never pulled up their hair). It was bothering her (she hates hair in her face) so she took all of the hair in the front and cut it right off. It was awful. Imagine about 50 different lengths up front, the shortest being not even an eighth of an inch long. It took eight months to get it long enough to pull it up into pigtails.

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