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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Against the Grain

Most of my life, I have not followed trends and friends. I always find myself going in the direction that I want to go. I prefer to figure out for myself what I like.

Examples of what others LOVE and I just don't get:

1) Designer shoes: I'm sorry. I have a problem thinking about spending more than 100 bucks on a pair of shoes. Do you realize how much nail polish I could buy with that? And nail polish doesn't usually go out of style.

2) Heels, anything over an inch: I'm 5'7''. I don't need the added height. And I have plantar fasciitis. So any given day, my heels are throbbing like someone was whacking on them with a hammer.
And stilettos? Never in a million years. They may make your legs look good but yowza what they do to your feet. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, the Queen of Running in Heels, is having to give them up:
From People Magazine

3) Most Reality Shows: I just can't stand most of them. If you forced me to watch Honey Boo Boo or most of the Real Housewives, you wouldn't live long past turning it on.
The only "reality shows" that I can stand are usually more documentary types, like Deadliest Catch or Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery. (Living off the land and fishing in the Bering Sea, trying to stay alive. THAT'S reality.)

4) Taylor Swift: This just confuses me. You're either a country music star OR a pop star. In my book, you're not both. I grew up in south and was forced to listen to country for most of my life. Swift isn't what I consider "country". Reba McEntire is country. Brooks and Dunn is country. Plus, I have no interest in listening to her slam every single guy she dates on her albums.
I freaking love the stuff I find on Pinterest

5) 'Ombre Hair': No. See, this is weird for me. What the hair world is calling 'ombre', I always called 'you should just dye your hair all over until your roots grow out'. If a color specialist at a salon does this to your hair, it may look okay. DON'T do it with one of those kits. (The girl that colors my hair said she's already had to "fix" several clients hair who tried it at home.)

Plus, in the nail world, where I usually live, 'ombre' is painting each nail a different shade of the same color, darkest to lightest. What the hair world latched onto as 'ombre' is usually 'gradient' in the nail world. So it totally confuses me. (Below is a set of polishes that I got from Sephora from The New Black. To me, THIS is 'ombre'.)
One color for each finger, going darkest to lightest

How about you? Any trend or popular thing that you just cannot get behind?


  1. I can't say that I'm a fan of designer shoes (the price tag isn't worth it), but I do love my heels. Being a petite gal (I'm just shy of 5 feet!), I like the height. Plus I don't look as much like a little kid. Ombre hair=dumb, ombre nails=cute. This isn't really a trend, but I don't get the uggs and shorts thing. It's hot or cold, not both!

    1. I totally get the heel thing for the vertically challenged, Rivs. :)

      Oh my gosh. Uggs and skirts/shorts. Seriously? If your feet are that cold, I imagine your legs are cold as well. I have always HATED that look. Pick a season.