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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I hope all of you moms reading this had a wonderful day on Sunday. I know that I had a great one.

I went the entire day without having to do laundry, dishes, or getting onto one of the kids. Both kids were trying to make it the 'best Mother's Day ever'.

When I finally rolled out of bed, the kids were excited to give me the cards.

Peanut made this at school:

I laughed when I saw the age. My mother wanted to know when I started going backwards. I think it's just fine and we'll go with that.
And I love that she tried to use an ampersand for Mac and Cheese. Looks a little like an 8 but I think she did great and I'm proud of her for trying.
I don't have a favorite food so it makes sense that she left it blank.
She told me "I didn't have time to finish it". This is SO 1st grade Peanut. And I love it.

She got this card for me at Hallmark:

So that you don't have to squint as much, this is what she wrote on the inside:

She is such a sweet kid.
And I'm the 1st best mother!

Button made me a card, too. She worked on it at home each night once her homework was done. And she did a great job:

She cut out little circles to glue inside the heart. And the balloons.
Button was very proud of her card making skills and I loved it.

This is the card that she picked out at Hallmark:

I have the sweetest girls. They loved that they had 4 cards total for me.

I also got a sweet card from my husband.

At Target on Saturday, Peanut asked Daddy if they could get some flowers for me. And she took a few minutes to pick just the right ones. When she gave them to me in the store, she was VERY proud.

Lastly, they went to buy me two more charms for Pandora bracelet. The girls LOVE getting charms for it. My husband, the kids, and my mom have all gotten me charms so the bracelet means a lot to me.

During late afternoon, we all headed outside to let the kids get some running around time. I sat in my nice big chair and enjoyed the sunshine while laughing at them.

They spent a little time playing Tag but Peanut is still pretty bad at it. If she actually manages to tag Button, she sort of just stands there and doesn't run. And then Button tags her back and runs off.
(Peanut would tag her more if she'd pump her arms when running instead of flailing them around like she's being chased by bees and laughing like a maniac the entire time.)

They also spent some time playing with their jump ropes. Again, Button is a little more skilled with sports. Peanut looks down at her feet and jumps once... so hard that she almost plants herself in the driveway leaving no room at all for the rope to clear her feet.

It was a great day free of laundry, cooking, and cleaning.
I wish more days were like that.

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