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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Proud of Minnesota!

Back in November, my husband and I were just two of many that voted to reject an amendment that would have banned same sex marriage in Minnesota.

There was talk when it got rejected that Minnesota was on it's way to making marriage legal for same sex couples. Honestly, we figured it would take a little while.

And yet just six months later, it's official.
Last Thursday, May 9th, the Minnesota House passed the bill.
The following Monday, May 13th, the Senate advanced the bill.

On Tuesday,  May14th, Governor Dayton signed the bill as promised. As of August 1 this year, same sex couples can legally do what millions of us have always had the freedom to do... GET MARRIED!

Governor Dayton signing the bill:

Photo from Star Tribune

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman ordered that the flags on the Wabasha Street Freedom Bridge be changed in honor of the signing. Also, the name of the bridge as temporarily been changed to the Wabasha Street Freedom to Marry Bridge.

Photo by Tim Nelson

What an exciting few days!

I am beyond thrilled that Minnesota is the 12th state to allow same sex couples to marry.

Our family is thrilled! We told the kids and they were really happy. (They think that you should be able to marry whoever you love. And we did NOT actually teach them that. They came up with that on their own.)

Marriage is a legal union, no matter what anyone might want it to be.
You can get married in the church of your choice but if that license is not signed by witnesses and an officiant and sent in to the county, you ain't married.

This was about marriage EQUALITY. No one group should be excluded from being able to get dolled up if they choose and marry... and then boogie the night away to songs they love with friends and family. And eat cake. I love me some wedding cake.

I am so proud to be living in Minnesota during this time.
And I really hope that more states follow soon.

Approval of same sex marriage is getting higher and higher.
It's like a tidal wave: You know it's coming. Depending on what you do, you'll either be riding the wave, shooting the curl.... or it'll knock you down and drag you under.
I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Pic from GLAAD

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