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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day 2013

It's been a great weekend for us. We are all still riding the high from the adoption last Thursday. The kids didn't want to go to school on Friday and we were really tempted to keep them home. But since they were going to be out for Memorial Day, we figured they should go.

Plus, on Friday, their school had a picnic for the students and any parents that wanted to come by.
We surprised them. We ate with Peanut first since she had the earlier lunch.
After she was done eating, she was freezing. (It was sunny that day but terribly windy and her class sat in the shade. So we moved over into the sun for her last 5-10 minutes outside.
She spent that time laying on my lap and it was not easy convincing her to go back to class.

Button came by about 3 minutes after Peanut's class went back inside and was thrilled to see us. She picked up her lunch and tried to eat the entire thing while laying in my lap.

We came back a few hours later and picked them up early instead of sending them to the Y.
Our plan was to go to Bachman's and pick out some flowers for our garden. The kids were THRILLED and loved helping and looking at all of the beautiful flowers.

A few of the flowers that we picked up:

We drove home to drop off the flowers before heading to visit Grandpa and found more flowers on our front step:

These are from my mom and my step-dad. The 12 red are for momma (me, yay!), the 2 pink represent the kids, and the yellow in the middle is for my husband. Really sweet. My mom is thrilled to be able to say that she's a grandmother!

After visiting Grandpa, we hit up our favorite malt and burger shop and then spent the rest of the evening at home.

And for the rest of the weekend, the kids were playing and being weird. So, being normal.

Yeah, the best thing Button had going here is that her skirt in the second pic actually matched the colors of her PJ's. She's a trip.

And Peanut, well.... She's doing her classic facepalm in the first pic, telling Daddy not to touch her with the garden glove hands, and then praying for a knife to cut up an elephant for the elephant bbq sauce that she was making. (Ah, kids. Their imaginations run wild.)

We spent the weekend being a family and being happy. It was nice, even with the temps dropping and 20 mph winds trying to blow us all over the place.

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