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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Lessons

Note: This post was written 1 week ago and somehow I forgot to post it. I blame the nerves and stress leading up to the adoption.

Peanut is not the most gentle child.
When she was about 2 and up to the age of about 4, she broke a lot of toys.
(Never her OWN toys... toys that belonged to her sister.)

~ Numerous times, she took her baby doll by the feet and would beat it against the door frame. And then she would laugh like a little maniac.
~ She also killed her little MagnaDoodle by slamming the little pin down on it over and over again.
~ She used to play with these little Disney Princess cake toppers from Button's 5th birthday. She slammed one down onto the Cinderella cake topper so much that Cindy's head finally broke off.

And most recently, she killed her water bottle.
It was a small CamelBak, like the one pictured below:

For these kinds of bottles, you have to use your teeth to slightly pinch the mouth thingie open and then drink through the straw.
She basically chewed that thing like a dog with a new rawhide bone. And over time, she bit off a little piece or two and the damn thing kept leaking everywhere.

We threw it away a few months ago and she's been without a water bottle. (Meanwhile, Button has had a similar one for about 2 years longer and it's still like new.)

My husband and I refused to buy her a new water bottle for this summer due to the fact that we kept trying to get her to stop biting that straw so that this wouldn't happen.
She has money in her piggy bank.

So we gave her 2 options:
1) She could go without a water bottle.
2) She could use her own money to buy her own water bottle. (We did inform her that if she ruined this one, she'd have to buy another one. And that she could potentially spend every dime she had on water bottles over the years.)

She thought about it for a minute and then said "I don't think I have enough money".
LOL. She had plenty and we told her that.

So she made her decision. She said that she wanted to buy her own bottle so that daddy and I can save our money so that we can move sooner. I swear... she cracks me up.

And now, she has a brand new water bottle with Barbie on it.
No biting required... it's a straight up straw.
And we will be checking for teeth prints.

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