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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend Recap- The One With Yummy Cake

This weekend was the first weekend that we have not had the kids since early January when we came back from Tennessee for a family visit.

And it was nice. Weird, but nice.

Friday afternoon, I had a surprise planned for my husband.
Our 3 year wedding anniversary is on the 12th of this month. And we never got to eat anniversary cake due to our wedding venue slicing up and serving our top cake layer. (Still annoys me.)
Back in April, I got in touch with our wedding cake baker and asked if they could make us a small cake for this anniversary and they said that could fit us in.

Not spilling the beans on that surprise was so freaking hard. I wanted to tell my husband a dozen times. But I kept it in.

So, Friday around 2:30, we left to do some "errands". Once we got into Plymouth, my husband finally asked where we were going. I made up some crap on the spot about looking for a jewelry store that I saw online. He was none the wiser.
When I pulled up in front of the baker, he looked over and said "What the hell? This is Gateaux." and I said I had a meeting with our baker. He looked slightly confused but just days before, we had talked about maybe getting her to make us a 'family birthday' cake next year.

We walked in and when one of the cake ladies came out to see us, she brought the cake in a box. I looked at my husband who looked confused and asked if he knew what that was on the table. He said "No, I don't know cause you didn't tell me shit". Bwhahahaha

When I opened it and explained, he was happy of course. I mean, duh. It's wedding cake. Our favorite flavor from the wedding. (Yellow cake with strawberry and Bavarian creme filling. Tastes like a really wonderful toaster strudel.)

We left there and ran home to drop the cake off and then went to get the kids. We took them to eat and then waited around for Grandpa to call after he got home. We were kid free by 5:30.

Friday night we didn't do much. I did some laundry and we watched Wipeout reruns.

Saturday, we heard it raining and decided the bed was the best place to be. No kids to feed meant that we could both sleep in as long as we felt like sleeping. Love it.
That night we went out to dinner, just the two of us. And that was strange. When the hostess asked "how many?" I almost said 4 since that's what we are used to saying.

Sunday, my husband was working on the thing we call a backyard and I sat out in the SUN. Yes, the clouds finally cleared up and the sun came out. It was nice. Sleeveless shirt, capris, and sandals.

We picked the kids up by 5 and then it all went to hell.
More on that tomorrow.

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  1. Happy *almost* anniversary, date twin! We must be thinking on the same wave lengths- I'm planning to pick up a few cupcakes from our wedding cake baker as a surprise. :) Glad you two could finally get to eat your "top tier."