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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedding Anniversary, Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you some photos of wedding day. Today, you get to see the details. You know, the stuff that brides usually stress about for months and months and months?

I didn't stress much. No, really. We had a year and a half to plan so I planned here and there and by the time we were 4-5 months out, there wasn't much left to finalize or do.

We did have a wedding planner but I was usually the one picking stuff out... at home/online. I mainly wanted a planner to deal with the vendors and make sure the day ran smoothly. (I am a firm believer that your bridal party is NOT made up of your staff and therefore they should be doing your bidding. And neither should your mom. This horse crap you see online about bridesmaids "duties" is a lot of doody.)

We found and fell in love with Sarah from Lasting Impressions Weddings. She books up pretty quick due to the amount of times she and her staff have been awarded "Best Of" by the her brides on The Knot. But if you can get her, she's wonderful.
(We actually interviewed 4 planners the day we found her and none of them compared. From the start, we felt like we had known her forever.)

So, wanna see some detail shots of the wedding and the CAKES? (Sorry. I love cake. Especially wedding cake.)

The details:

1) The head table. Linens from Linen Effects in Minneapolis. I loved them. There was a possibility that the black and white with red theme would look weird, or as my mom was worried about... goth. Russ made sure that it wasn't either. It was beautiful. Our table had black linens, while the rest of the guest tables had white linens with black chair covers.
2) Guest tables with the GOBO in the background. We used Instant Request for the DJ and the lighting. And when we approached them about making our skyline (a theme throughout the wedding) appear lit up somewhere, they made it happen. What's a GOBO? A partial screen used in front of a spotlight to project a shape.
3 The head table floral arrangement. Holy crap. I was blown away when I saw this. We met with Russell at Wisteria Design Studio just talked about what we wanted. And we saw a mock-up or two but it was the smaller arrangements at the guest tables. Our table had a HUGE clear vase stuffed with flowers and overflowing orchids. The table part was acrylic boxes filled with water, flowers, and candles. I could not have loved it more.

Candy bar!

I have a sweet tooth. My husband has a sweet tooth. So we had to have candy!

I spent a lot of time choosing just the right candy, while making sure it was still red, white, and black. (Dark chocolate pretzels count as black.) Do you know how hard it was to find black candy that was NOT licorice flavored?? The little boxes on the end were picked up at Micheal's Arts and Crafts and then filled with personalized M&M's.


We were lucky enough to be able to hire Gateaux Inc. for our wedding cakes. (They can be a little pricey and only take 3 events per weekend.) We were more than fine paying a bit for more for our cakes, especially knowing what these ladies could do.

Robin, the owner of Gateaux, met with us and loved the skyline theme of the wedding. So she incorporated it into our main cake. Yes, those are LED lights behind the buildings. Yes, that cherry on top lit up. (My husband came up with the idea and she told him, if you can find something that will work, we'll make it happen. He went to town looking for a light and ball for the cherry.) 

As beautiful as this cake was (and yummy), it wasn't what had people talking. No, that would be the other cake. Some call it a groom's cake but it was ours since we BOTH had a sweet tooth. And the cake design was personal for us.

Before I moved to MN, I sent my husband and the kids a box. A box for Valentine's Day FULL of candy. (The thing weighed more than 20 pounds.) It was in a small UHAUL box and had all sorts of delicious treats in it, like Zebra Cakes and doughnuts. The kids nicknamed it the "nummie box" and we still have it today.

When we told Robin about the box, she wanted to see pics and maybe the actual box to see if it could be made into a cake. We gave her the box and a list of treats that could normally be found in the box at any given time.


Yes, that's cake. And yes, the shipping label was edible and looked real. Even my handwriting and the handwriting of the post office person. She scanned it onto edible paste, or something. It even has a dent in it to show that the box has wear and tear. (If you look right next to the Butterfinger, you can see a word written down. If you have read the very first quote in Kids Quotes at the top of the page, it's from Button. It was when we kept forgetting what she called 'fingerprints' and when we thought about it, we wrote it on the box so we wouldn't forget again. Robin even made that appear real.)

Treats featured: Milk Duds, Gummy Bears, powdered doughnuts (it looks so real since it's flaking off), Cadbury Creme Eggs, Hershey Miniatures,Swiss Cake Rolls, Laffy Taffy and more.

My step father kept poking at the cake, not believing it was really cake. (The adults were fascinated with this thing.)

And that cake was DELICIOUS. We had 3 flavors because we just couldn't decide on what to choose. (Instead of tasting samples there, she has a Sample Day a few times a month. We chose to try 7 flavors. What we got was a bag FULL of cake. 7 flavors, yes. But 2 small pieces of each of the 7 flavors. We were THRILLED and really full afterwards.
What we chose:
1) Chocolate Chip Mint: Our Devil's Food Cake, filled with peppermint chocolate chip mousse.
2) Tuxedo cake: We use one layer of Devil's Food and one layer of White Cake held together with our rich fudge filling.
3) Spring Favorite:  This yellow cake is filled with a combination of Bavarian Creme and Strawberry filling.

I could eat the Spring Cake all day, everyday. We thought for sure when we got our samples that being chocolate people, we would not care as much for that one. WE WERE WRONG. The minute we tasted it, we both moaned and started scarfing it down.

Both cakes were featured on Cake Wrecks-Sunday Sweets.
Skyline Cake
Box Cake - no one believed it was a cake!

Tune in tomorrow (anniversary day!) for the pics of the ceremony and reception.


  1. I LOVE details even more now that I've planned a wedding. It looks like you found awesome vendors and those cakes... I can't even... they are INCREDIBLE.

    1. Thank you! Our baker was a cake genius. I was amazed at what they could do.