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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4 tests, 6 vials of blood, and 1 IV: Part 3

If you missed the first posts, you can catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing. This will make more sense if you do.

Friday, August 28th:

My husband and I went to see the walk-in clinic doctor at 11am. I told him the moment that I saw him that my symptoms had changed. The pain in my rib/right breast area was pretty much gone.

The only pain was around my collar bone, and it was only when I took a deep breath.
All of the other pain had pretty much disappeared.

So, I'm trying to tell him this and about the shoulder problems that I have had over the last year or so, in case it was related to this. (If I carry my purse for more than 20 minutes, my right shoulder burns. It may hurt for days. Also, a few times in the last year I HAVE had issues with my collar bone area. Sometimes, if I am on the computer too much, it feels like a muscle under my collar bone is burning. It doesn't last long if I put my arm up over my head and stretch it out. And more than once lately, I have woken up laying on my right shoulder and had intense pain trying to roll off of it. My husband has had to roll me over before.)

But he cuts me off and starts raising my arm up and then pushing on it saying 'yeah, this pain here is bicipital tendonitis' and then starts going on about my gallbladder again.

I was thinking, and trying to say, hold on. Could this possible tendonitis have anything to do with the amount of pain in my shoulders through all of this? But he wouldn't listen to me. Not one word.

He makes me lie down and starts pushing on the gallbladder area, AGAIN. And again, no pain there at all. None.

Lying there, I was actually comfortable and stayed there after he left the room so that the nurse could call and try to schedule.... a HIDA scan. Yes, he was so one track minded. Even though the surgeon told him that he highly doubted it was the gallbladder at all. Even though I had no symptoms of gallbladder problems. (Yes, I have a gallstone. But after some research, it seems MOST people have them... but they never know. Unless it moves and creates a blockage, you can live your entire life with gallstones and never know you have them.)

As I'm lying there, the nurse is on the phone trying to schedule the scan. The doctor walks back in and says, 'lay on your right side... the gallstone will stay away from the opening'. Never mind that I had not been able to lay on my right shoulder in a week. Never mind that I was actually resting comfortably for the first time in days. This man didn't listen to anything that I said.

THEN they want to have me have the scan at 7:30am on Tuesday. Um, no. We told them that we could not do that. They said we had to. I said no. We had nothing to do with our kids that early in the morning. It's not that we didn't want to, we could.not.do.it.
So he says, bring them with you.
Um, I don't take perfectly healthy kids to the doctor, especially adult docs where they can contract a number of things. (Their bio mom did that and it never ended well.) And I don't expect a nurse to babysit my kids for 2 hours.

I wanted to smack the crap out of this man. He was looking at me like a puzzle at the end.
I was no longer a patient, I was an enigma.
I was a riddle to be solved and then written about in some paper that he would publish.

My husband could barely restrain me.
I finally walked out after telling the nurse that the doctor could kiss it.
She offered to get the physicians assistant that had helped me earlier in the week (and I did like her) but I had had enough.

I walked out of there and I'll never go back.

I took 2 pain pills that night and hoped for sleep. And boy, I slept. I don't think I moved all night.
The next night, I took one pill and felt fine.
I have had no pain pills since then.
And sleep has been glorious.

My husband said he would go in to pick up copies that I need of all of this medical testing. I have an appointment with my OB-GYN next week and I plan to let her know everything. And being able to SHOW her the blood results and stuff will be best.
I am hoping she'll refer me to an Orthopedic doctor to find out if I do, in fact, have any tendonitis. Heck, maybe she'll know what's wrong since she actually does listen to me.

As of today, I am feeling loads better. I still have a slight uncomfortable feeling under my collar bone. But none of the other pain has come back.

If I ever figure this out, I'll be ecstatic.

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