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Thursday, September 12, 2013

They're coming! My shows are coming!

It's that time of year.
The summer months are behind us, the summer shows a memory.
And I do actually love me some summer shows.
My favorites are The Glades on A&E, Rizzoli and Isles on TNT, and Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.
(Yes, I am aware that PLL is marketed towards teens but I cannot help myself. It's addicting. And those story lines are a little more adult than most high school kids. And they have a LARGE following in the women 18-34 range.)

With Rizzoli and Isles and PLL, I get to call these my summer/winter shows.
Each has half a season air in the summer and then the other half comes on during the winter months, usually when the bigger network shows are on break.

The Glades? Kills me. It airs in June, it's over by September and I have to wait a freaking YEAR to find out what happened.

But what I live for are my network shows.
My 'September- May' shows.
My reason for living.
Well, yeah.

First, my oldest love, CSI.
I have watched this show almost the entire 13 years that it's been on television.
And I miss Grissom before we go any further.
I miss him like a celebrity misses carbs.
I also miss Warick and HATE how he left. Sucks.
For a little while, I am pretty sure the ratings were dropping.
With Grissom, Warick, and Sarah being gone, it was like losing family.
And I worried they might leave me.
But then DB showed up. Oh, how I love Ted Danson. 
And now it's like the CSI of old.

Next, my second oldest love, Criminal Minds.
How I love this freaking show.
I have seen most episodes over 10 times, thanks to A&E and ION Television.
I would love to hang with this cast.
And even though the stories can get super creepy, I love this show.
When Elle left and Emily came in, I thought I might not like it. (I HATE cast changes.)
But I LOVED Emily.
When Gideon left after season 2, I thought I might not like it.
But I love Rossi.
When they pretended to kill Emily and she was gone a season, I hated it.
When Emily came back, I was overjoyed. And then she left again.
I love the team dynamics. I love the team. I love the writing.

And then there's The Mentalist.
If they don't tell me who Red John is soon, you'll find me in a padded cell trying to eat my own toes. Seriously, it's been 5 years and it's killing me.
But I love how Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane.
The writing is great and I have fun watching it.

Also, I love The Big Bang Theory.
When it first aired, I heard the description of the show and thought it would tank.
But then I started watching it and got totally hooked.
I love Sheldon. I love that Raj cannot could not talk to women.
I love the hideous outfits that Wolowitz wears.
And I have loved Johnny Galecki since his days on Roseanne.
Also? I freaking LOVE Amy Farrah Fowler. She has some of the best lines and Mayim Bialik plays her so well.

Sadly, I'm down a few shows this year.
I lost Without a Trace and Cold Case a little while ago on CBS.
And it will be a year this Christmas since we were told that TNT was canceling Leverage.
Also, ABC can bite me for canceling Body of Proof.

And it's only a matter of time before CSI bids a fond farewell... it's 14 years this year.
Same goes for Criminal Minds, who is entering year 9.

Psych is a BELOVED show and one of my most favorites of all time.
But I'm not sure where to label it.
It's not a winter show. It's not a summer show. It's not a spring show. It's not a fall show.
It's a 'whenever the hell USA airs it during the year' show.
They just finished filming season 8 and from what we hear, that's going to be the last.
I'll cry. I'll be in a padded cell. Joy will no longer be apart of my life.

We could watch Castle if we could just catch up on the DVDs.
That's our plan but we seem to have hit a snag and the new season comes on soon.

But that's what the DVR is for, right?

What about you? Any shows you cannot live without?


  1. I love PLL! I get so excited when Tuesday rolls around.

    1. It's so addicting.
      After each show, though, my head is swimming with questions. LOL.

  2. I am quite excited to have all the great tv back this fall! I think some of the best shows are the ones that are made for teens! :)


    1. Some teen shows just seem to have an older edge to them.