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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Food Prep Night

I can cook but I don't really like to do it.
Standing in the kitchen for a long period of time is not my idea of fun. (The plantar fasciitis could be the cause of that problem.)

So I try to make a few meals in one night, enough for 4 days or so.
As long as we get to the store and have a stocked fridge, we do well with this plan.

We just went to Target tonight so when we got home, it was food prepping time.

First, have you tried the Ziploc Zip'n Steam? I fraking love them.
It takes the guesswork out of steaming veggies and you throw the bag away after so no extra dishes. Bonus!

I made some zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, and green beans.
The broccoli and green beans were for myself and my husband. The zucchini and squash?
For Peanut.
Yes, my 7 year old LOVES veggies.
She informed us that she'd like to just eat a plate of these veggies for dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Or a snack.

So, I made her a few helpings for the next few days. When I showed her, you'd have thought it was Christmas morning.

For myself and my husband, I made salmon, couscous, broccoli, and green beans.
We each have 2 servings for the next few days.

Sorry for the iPhone photo. I was in a hurry trying to get the food in the fridge so I could start the next part of my food prep.

Right now, I am waiting on my chicken.
Mmm, chicken.

I get out the crock pot once a week and add some chicken breasts. I add a mix of water and low sodium chicken broth, along with whatever herbs and spices appeal to me that week. I set it and walk away until the delicious smell smacks my brain awake and brings me into the kitchen.
I remove it from the crock pot a piece or two at a time and then talk 2 forks and shred it. And wow, it shreds so easily.
Then it goes into a bowl until I use it on something. Sometimes, I use it for chicken salad, sometimes for chicken tacos, and sometimes I throw it over lettuce and have a salad.

Taking an evening to make the above food means that I am not in the kitchen much during the week except to have bonding time with my buddie, Mike Rowe Wave.

The only other night I plan to cook anything this week is when I try this delicious sounding recipe that I found on You're My Favorite Today. I must try this. Our family LOVES any sort of pasta.

How about you? Any go-to or easy meals?

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