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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Delicioso- Coffee of the Month

My best friend and I LOVE coffee. And we both love a particular creamer that I wrote about here.

For a time, she could actually find Caribou Coffee in her local stores but that seems to have changed. (Possibly due to Caribou selling the company to some German company that doesn't make coffee. I don't know.)

In the past, my husband and I have taken coffee to her when we visit.
On planes, it was in our carry-on luggage.
In the car, we've got a bag with 2 varieties of grounds making the car smell delicious on our trip down south.

I've always joked with her that I should just send coffee in the mail and she could be in a sort of coffee of the month club.
Well, the joke became reality... and still a joke.

Last week, we picked up some coffee for her at the local 'Bou. And they had a great mug that we thought she'd like. But when it came time to pack it up, I just couldn't close the box and send it off without a little something extra.

I made up a 'newsletter' from Delicioso- Coffee of the Month Club.
And it was sweet.
And by sweet, I mean it was hysterical. I made that shiz sound official and such, including making sure to describe the new coffee she was receiving.
(The name is a joke with us and has been for years. Neither of us speaks Spanish. But for years, we would take a random 'o' to a word and make it sound Spanish. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that 'delicioso' is actually how to say 'delicious' in Spanish.)

The letter:

Hello Manda!
     Welcome to your first of many coffee gifts! We are so pleased to be able to share with you your favorite Caribou coffee and hopefully some new favorites.
     We have reviewed your requests and made a note of your likes and dislikes when it comes to your daily cups of java. Rest assured that we shall only be sending you light roast coffees that contain as much caffeine as you can handle. We understand that a woman is only as happy as her coffee is caffeinated.
     Enjoy this month’s offerings, Daybreak Morning Blend and Costa Rica Sombra del Poro. Costa Rica has flavors of semi-sweet chocolate and black cherries and a bold creamy texture.
     Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback when it comes to your monthly coffee deliveries. If you are not satisfied with anything at all, please let us know. With your input, we can build your coffee profile and have a guide for future months.
     Again, welcome to Delicioso! And remember, life without coffee ends the life of those around us.

And then it was signed from us. 
But I didn't stop there.
I just couldn't.
That's not me.

There's another joke we have together. Years ago, she made the comment that certain mugs were right-handed or left-handed mugs depending on the side of the mug with the design. It's a joke that never dies and we never let her forget it.

This mug that I sent her had a main design on the front and a small design on the back. So she got this little insert stuffed down in the mug:

Please accept this mug as a
‘welcome to the club’ gift!
We at Delicioso know that a
great mug can make the coffee
drinking experience even better.
And we know that coffee aficionados
are different in most ways so the
mug we have included can be for a
righty or a lefty, since the design is
on both sides. Take comfort in
knowing that your mug can be
a right-handed or
left-handed mug!

I got it all typed up and sealed the box.
We shipped it Wednesday and then the waiting game started.
I was dying. Mainly because I had been planning this for a week before I actually did it.

Friday comes and I am waiting all day to get a phone call.
But her girls had a football game that night (they are in Color Guard this year) so she was rushed after work.

Finally late last night, I get a text:
"I got my package today. Bout pissed my pants laughing!!! Thank you sooooo much!!"

Today when I talked to her, she told me that she was literally holding onto the dining room table, doubled over laughing. Which of course, made me feel great. I know work for her has been sucking arse lately and she needed a laugh. Too bad only the dog was there. Poor thing was probably worried she was dying.

I love making people happy and making them laugh until they almost pee themselves is an added bonus.

What about you? Any experience with surprising people? Any huge things with which people surprised you?

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