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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To School or Not to School, at Home: Part 3

This is Part 3 in the Why We Want to Homeschool Our Kids series.
Part 1 dealt with test scores.
Part 2 dealt with the way work is handled.

This is Part 3 in the series and this post deals mainly with the fact that most kids do NOT get the attention that they need in institutionalized schools.

Most schools these days are packed to the point of bursting. Some schools don't have enough desks or books. And even when the classroom has the supplies needed, there is usually one teacher in that class with an average of 20 kids. It's just impossible to make sure that each child gets exactly what they need as far as learning styles. It's not the fault of the teachers. They do whatever they can do but sometimes, it's not enough.

All kids learn differently.
Some kids are visual learners.
Some kids are auditory learners.
Some kids are kinesthetic learners. (Hands on learning.)

And some kids are combination learners.

So, if all kids learn differently, why are they all expected to learn the same way?

It's because there is no way that a teacher could possibly deduce how each child needs to learn in the first few days and then tailor their lessons to their learning. Instead, each kid in a class sits in a row and is taught the same way.

Button is more visual and kinesthetic. Auditory is NOT her strong point. If you try to tell her how to do something, she usually stares right through you.
Peanut is a combination of all 3, depending on the day.

When Button was in the 2nd grade, as referenced in Part 1of the series, she had a hard time with some of the material they were learning. 'Inference' really gave her a hard time. But since most of the kids in the class got it fairly quick, they had to move on. A teacher cannot hold up and entire class for one student.

Both of our kids would no doubt benefit from more one-on-one with a teacher. Peanut has 23 other kids in her class and Button's class is 25 strong. And since my husband and I both work from home, the student/teacher ration would be 2:2. He can concentrate on math and science since I cringe at the thought of either. And I can handle literacy, social studies, and art.

And I am positive that we can teach them anything and everything that they need to know to be productive and intelligent adults.

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