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Monday, November 18, 2013

Minnesota, you're catching up... slowly

WARNING: This post contains information about unhealthy food/addictions and could possibly give you terrible cravings. Please proceed with caution.

Being from Tennessee, I am accustomed to certain restaurants, sit-down and fast food. So when I moved to Minnesota, I had to adjust my cravings for certain foods.

http://www.bojangles.com/       http://www.hardees.com/
For breakfast (when I don't care about healthy eating) I want a good biscuit.
No, not a McDonald's frozen biscuit.
I'm talking about a buttery, melts in your mouth, so good you wanna slap someone biscuit.
And the only 2 fast food places I know that serve that kind of biscuit are and Bojangles and Hardee's.

Just a note: You'll never catch me anywhere near Hardee's after breakfast is over. Not a thing on that menu appeals to me and their commercials make me want to simultaneously punch someone and vomit.

Sadly, the closest Bojangles to me, here in Minnesota, is back in Tennessee.
The closest Hardee's is over in St. Paul and I just don't want to deal with that kind of traffic for a biscuit, no matter how good it will be.

I do love an egg and cheese biscuit from Hardee's but I would walk across hot coals to get the same thing from Bojangles. Seriously, if you are EVER near a Bojangles location, GO EAT A BISCUIT.
And it's always Bo Time.

I have mentioned Krystal before in this post. It's good and it's cheap. Haha.
When I loved to Minnesota, I was introduced to White Castle.
And I swear, I did give it a chance. I mean, they made a movie about people going there so I thought I would be open minded.
Yeah, I don't prefer it at all.

My husband has tried both and he even says that Krystal is "like White Castle but better".
Low and behold, it seems that Rody Davenport Jr, the mind behind Krystal, visited White Castles while planning to open a burger joint and made notes about what he liked and then wanted to "make it better". Congrats, Mr. D. You did just that.

But hey, Minnesota is trying to win me over, slowly but surely.

When I first got here, the closest Sonic was in Iowa. Now, I love my Sonic but I'm not driving 4-6 hours away for some tots.
But within the first year of living here, there was one being built in St. Paul and I was in heaven. (The wait time the day of the opening was 1 hour and 45 minutes.)
Now there are 5 Sonic restaurants in the state.

And now, it appears that the state of Minnesota has opened in 5 Chick-fil-a's. (News to us last month. My husband saw an update by a friend talking about eating at one of them and he thought they had driven hours away to partake in the wonderful chicken nugget goodness. Google told him that we now have them, too.)

I started eating Chick-fil-a in the mall when I was growing up. And when I worked in the mall, I always craved it on Sunday... when they are closed.

Minnesota, you seem to be trying to to win my love with the unhealthy food.

But until I see a sign in the Twin Cities saying that it's Bo Time, my heart will never be truly yours.

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