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Friday, November 15, 2013

My husband, the birthday man

The love of my life has circled the sun one more time.

I want to say Happy Birthday to the kindest, most loving man on the planet.

I have said to him, numerous times, that he is the only person I can be around for days at a time and not want to strangle. He makes me laugh and he is really the only person I feel that I can truly be myself around.

Before him, I was sure that only my mother could stand by me through my attitude problems, bitchy times, bad hair days, lazy days, and weight gain.

And then I met him and my life changed.

So in honor of his trip around the sun, these are a few of the reasons that I love my husband and hope that he has a day as wonderful as he is... or even better. (I could never list them all. It would be the longest post in history.)

1) He has a great sense of humor, even though there are times that his puns make us all groan.
Example: The kids had these little Polly Pocket things one year and one of the toys was on the kitchen table. The little doll was in this little bubble container that could hang on a belt loop. We were eating dinner and my husband looks down at it and says "if you kill someone with that dolls container, would you be an accessory to murder?". Yes, it made me groan in pain at the same time that I burst out laughing.

2) He's a wonderful father. He loves his girls with every ounce of his being. He never makes a decision without first thinking about how it will/might affect his kids. The kids absolutely adore him. He plays Disney Princess Chutes and Ladders with them. He has even let them dress him up in their tiaras and stuff, smiling the whole time. I wish my father was half the father that my husband is to our girls.

3) He makes me things. The latest thing was my jewelry display.
A few years ago when I went down south to visit family on my own, I came home to a surprise. He had built me a little table to put next to the couch and he made it all on his own, start to finish.
He built the table to fit perfectly next to my side of the couch. It has a cubby underneath in the front and both sections you see with the tile mosaic lift off and there is storage inside. I love it. And it's the only one in existence.

And then when I saw a Home Depot commercial around Christmas a few years ago and mentioned wanting to try and make the ornament frame featured, he looked up the commercial and he went to work building me my own frame.
I love this thing. It's one of my favorite Christmas decor items that we own. And I took great care picking out the ornaments and rigging them up to hang on the pegs.

4) He's a smarty. In high school, he was one of those kids that never did homework, might have napped in class, but still passed every test. Yeah, the kind of kid I hated in school. Hahahaha.
I feel like I learn something new everyday being with him.

5) He kills bugs. I could do it but I don't want to. That requires me to get closer to them than I'd like and well... I don't like to get that close. He is the official bug killer in our house and I am extremely grateful for that.

6) He always makes me feel pretty, or at least he tries to make me feel that way. I have horrible self esteem due to years of bullying but he does his best to get me to see the good things about myself, emotionally and physically.

7) He goes to the grocery store, alone. Do you know how much I love that he doesn't make me go? I HATE grocery shopping. He has even gone out to get butter when I was having a hell of a time attempting to make toffee one night. I was ready to scream and ran out of butter. And he comes up and kisses my forehead and says he'll be right back.  He went to the store to get more butter. I know, I  got lucky. :)

8) He's my best friend. I can tell him anything, even if it's something that I think I could be looked down on for thinking or judged for feeling. He lets me be me and I couldn't ask for more than that. He has never once tried to change something about me, even if that thing got on his nerves. He lifts me up when I'm down and once wrote about me, "and when she hurts, I can't breathe".

I hit the jackpot with my husband. I can only pray that my girls find someone later in life that is as wonderful as their father.

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