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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Self-Serve at IKEA

Let's go shopping.

Once you have all of your stuff picked out in the Showroom and collected any wares in the Marketplace, you'll find yourself in the Self-Serve area. (Note: You can get an IKEA employee to gather up your stuff if you'd prefer not to do it yourself.) 

Let me prepare you... it's a huge space. I think there are over 30 aisles, left and right, and they seem to go on forever.

I could not get the whole thing in one shot without doing it panorama style.
It's a GIANT space.

Find the first aisle from your list and then look for your bin number. Load your stuff up on the dolly-like buggies (carts for some of you) that you can get right outside the entrance to Self-serve and head to the registers. For those of you that like it, they have self checkout, as well. (Or you can get your stuff delivered to your home for a fee.)

Then you take the elevator back down to parking and off you go!

But in case you worked up an appetite and your meal from the cafe wore off, fear not.
There's food at the end of the trail, to tide you over on the ride home.
Look to the right of the hot dog, at the bottom, on the sign. It makes me laugh that they made sure to state *not actual size.

And that's it. IKEA is an experience even if you aren't buying anything. Take a friend and prepare to wander for hours... and not want to leave.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing the more unusual stuff that I found on my last trip.

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