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Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm willing Spring to hurry and up and come see me

Last year, I did a few manicures featuring snowflakes.
This year, I refused to even think about it.
I'm not going to be celebrating winter and all of the hell it's brought with it this year.


So last night, far overdue for a new manicure, I decided to call on the Gods of Spring.
Upon looking at my nails, I realize they could be Easter nails and that's okay.
Easter is in spring. Spring is warmer than winter.
It's all good.

One of these days, I will use my camera and not my iPhone to take these pics. I may even get my lightbox back out. All in due time.

Colors used:
Pinky- Zoya Darcy
Ring- China Glaze Dance Baby
Middle- Sally Hanson Blue Me Away!
Pointer- OPI Hot Fun in the Summerlime
Thumb- OPI You're Such a Budapest

White dots are China Glaze White on White

Next week, look for a mani celebrating the holiday that revolves around pinching, drinking beer, and luck.

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