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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Facebook is making me question my friendships

This could turn into a series considering how much FB irritates me.

Do you have FB friends that are always upset?
I do. Lots of them.
Or maybe it's just the same 2 people over and over again.
Honestly, it's getting hard to tell due to the fact that the moment those posts appear in my sight, my eyes start to glaze over.

Every single day, it's something. Sickness, anxiety, dealing with rude people, dealing with kids who act like assholes, dealing with uncaring family, dealing with husbands who suck, dealing with shitty jobs, etc.
It's endless and depressing as hell.
And when those status updates turn into FULL PARAGRAPHS, you have issues.
I swear, I can go look at my feed, in a great mood, and by the time I log out I am either furious or depressed.

Sure, life can suck on certain days. People suck most days. But do you have to use FB like a diary?

I rarely post anything these days and when I do, I try to keep it light and fun. Random quirky things are funny to some people and probably not going to make all of your friends suicidal/homicidal.
I prefer to post weird pics of my youngest daughter acting like a moron and laughing hysterically.
Or a new Kid Quote-
At dinner, Peanut was making faces.
Me: "You're insane."
Peanut: "Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain!"

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