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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kudos to someone at Hobby Lobby

I could literally walk around Hobby Lobby for 2 hours at a time and not get tired, hungry, or bored. I love that place. I'm positive that I've been up and down every aisle in that store, whether I care for that certain craft or not. The always have a fab selection of picture frames (sort of hard to find in a lot of stores for some reason). And the amount of stuff in the middle of the store, the stuff already crafted/made and for sale) is what really sets it apart from Micheal's or Jo-Ann. (In Minnesota, we had to drive almost 2 hours to get to the nearest Hobby Lobby. I hated that. I have 2 within 20 minutes from me now.)

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Hobby Lobby looking for Halloween decorations for the house. They had a little bit of stuff, maybe an aisle and a half. They had over 3 aisles featuring Fall decorations. And of course, 6-7 aisles already packed for Christmas.

(I know. A lot of you think it's too damn early. On some level, I agree. As much as I love Christmas music, I don't want to hear it in the stores until AFTER Thanksgiving. But the craft stuff? Hey, it takes some of us a few weeks/months to create the stuff we want to use during Christmas. And if you wait until closer to Christmas to buy the goodies, a lot of it will already be gone/picked over.)

I have a post in the works to showcase what all we chose for Halloween this year since our front door area actually allows for decoration. Look for it at the beginning of October.

Today, I just wanted to give an interwebz high five to (I'm guessing) an employee at my local Hobby Lobby who must have thought "This display has potential".

The other side of this display was dedicated to Superman and Batman.

I couldn't get a more head-on photo due to a display being in my way. It's harder to make out in the pic, but that does say 'YOU' right above the little Star Wars sign.

My husband and I were quite pleased with this display since we are both fans of the movies. (More the ones we saw as kids, not the newer ones featuring Mannequin Skywalker.

Are you a Hobby Lobby fan?

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