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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Old St. Patrick's Day manicures

Hello all.
Seems strange to be posting St. Patrick's Day manis when Halloween is flying quickly in our direction but I don't see any reason to wait months, do you?

Plus, this is comical to me since the first St. Patrick's Day mani is from closer to when I first started trying my hand at nail art and the second is from a year later when I realized stamping your nails can bring more life with less effort.

First up, St. Patrick's Day mani- 2012:
I hate to say it, but other than using China Glaze White on White for the base, I have no idea which other polishes I used for this. Greens. That's all I recall.

I think I had just gotten my dotting tools and I remember holding my breath a lot when dotting. All in all, I don't hate the manicure. But the photo could be a lot better.

St. Patrick's Day mani- 2013:
For this mani, I actually DO know what I used! The green is China Glaze Running in Circles and the white is Konad white. The shamrock stamp was from MJ1.

I loved this mani because Running in Circles is so shiny. It's fun in all sorts of lights.

Tomorrow, I'll have a few more manicures from the past to show you so come on back and check them out.

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