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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Snowflakes in September?

Why not, right? Poor Wyoming got snow this year before Labor Day even found us.

Since I lived in Minnesota for 6 years, I lived with a lot of snow. And at the beginning of the winter months, I loved anything snow related. Sadly, as the months of cold and darkness moved on, I would cringe at the sight of flakes.

So, if memory serves me, both of these manicures were done before the inevitable hatred of winter kicked in.

I tried my hand at gradients on this first one and stamped snowflakes in silver. The matching pants in the background were not intentional.  Haha. It was winter and they were comfy.

Instead of doing a gradient on this one, I used different colors on the snowflakes to capture winter.

It will be interesting, at least to me, what happens with my winter manicures this year since I'm living back down south. I may enjoy the winter a hell of a lot more, as long as freak blizzards don't show up.

More manicures tomorrow!
See you then.

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