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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Googly eyes and stripes mani

Happy Wednesday, er'body.

Can you believe Halloween is a little over a week away?
How about the fact that the time change is next weekend?

Can you believe that there are only 9 Fridays left until Christmas?
Did I just depress you with the last one or make you super happy?

I finally took off my falling leaves mani and my nails were naked all weekend. I wanted to do something new but I really didn't feel like painting them. Patience is not a virtue of mine.

Monday night I finally sat down to paint something in the spirit of Halloween on my nails. After staring at my nails and Instagram feed for a while looking for inspiration, I cam up with this:

I like the googly eyes. While I was making them, I kept thinking of the opening of Scooby Doo.

Polishes used in this mani:
Pointer finger- Pipe Dream Polish 'V.I.P. Pass'
Middle finger- Pipe Dream Polish '110 Degrees'
Pinky finger- Pipe Dream Polish 'High Roller'

Thumb and ring finger base- Zoya 'Raven'

Water marble on the neons:
Orly Liquid 'Vinyl' and Sally Hansen 'Invisible'

The neons from Pipe Dream Polish are great. They cover so much better than any other neon polishes that I own AND they are blacklight reactive! (Not glow-in-the-dark!)

I really love how the little eyes glow. Now if I could just carry around a little blacklight and constantly have them glowing, that would be great.

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