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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last weekend, I met some nail ladies

What day is it? Let me check my calendar since all of my days run together...Oh yeah!
HAPPY HUMP DAY, everyone!

On Sunday, I met up with some other nail polish enthusiasts in downtown Chattanooga. I had never been to Urban Stack before (I typically avoid downtown) but I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

When meeting up with total strangers, the nerves start to surface a bit. What if we have nothing in common? What if we all just sit and stare at our plates? What if one of them is like my stalker and starts spending all of her time online trying to find out when I eat and pee?

I should have realized that we'd have plenty to talk about... we all love nail polish. Having at least one thing in common guarantees that the ice will be broken and you'll have something to chat about which will possibly bring up other things you'll have in common.

Our nail theme was falling leaves so we all did our own designs using that theme. 
This was mine:

Colors used in this mani are from Zoya and China Glaze.
Water marble: Zoya Darcy and Thandie with China Glaze Adventure Red-y.
Gradient: Same as the marble but add Zoya Louise for the stamping using BM04.

And here is a group shot, taken by our 
waitress (who also loves nails and polish):

And of course, if you have a meet-up consisting of nail ladies, 
you have to a shot of all the nails:

I had a blast and we are planning another meet up. Only 3 of us were local (around Chattanooga) while a few drove in from Knoxville, Nashville, and Birmingham! After food, we headed to shop (Of course we hit up the polish/make-up stores. Duh!)
We hit up Ulta, Sally's, and then a final stop at TJMAXX, concentrating on the polish. After that we all parted ways since the majority of the ladies had a long drive ahead (through a hell of a storm).

We all left fed, happy with our polish purchases, and a few new followers on Instagram. :)
Can't wait for the next one!

Have you ever had a meet-up with people you met online?

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