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Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween wreath by me

A few years ago, I made myself a wreath to use during Christmas. I made my own because I just couldn't find anything in the stores or online that I liked. It was fun picking out the colors and ornaments that I wanted to see hanging on my door and the end result is one of my loves in life.
(Sorry but my only photo of it sucks since I was never able to hang it outside on the door at our old house. I'll have a better photo later this year.)

When I decided to make my Halloween wreath, I had no idea that I'd spend days searching the webz and the stores looking for a black wreath (not decorated) and still go home each time with nothing. I finally bought a regular Christmas wreath at Hobby Lobby and used spray paint to make it black.

As I posted before back in this post, this was the early stage of creating my wreath:

The photo on the left was right after I realized that I didn't take a 'before' photo. Whoops. Better late than never, right? The photo on the right was during the many light coats of spray paint. It was hot and muggy during those days and spray paint prefers less warmth and less humidity to dry properly. Plus, if I had used thick coats, I would have run the risk of the branches and needles sticking together. It was slow going, a little bit of paint a day.

I had to keep rearranging the branches to make sure all of the green was covered and avoid gaps. FINALLY it was black enough to bring it in to decorate it.

This was right before I got down to business:

I had ornaments from Hobby Lobby, small wood pumpkins that I had painted, and glitter ornaments found at Pier 1 waiting to go on the wreath. I also found a little bit of Halloween floral pieces at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's.

This is the final result:

My husband and I really like the 'finger-like' floral pieces on the top, bottom, and on each side. 
The ornaments from Pier 1 are around the inside (clockwise from the top: a spider carrying Candy Corn, a mummy, a witch that looks like she slammed into the wreath, Frankenstein's monster, and a dancing skeleton). The purple, orange, and green pumpkins were found at Micheal's and Jo-Ann, painted by me.

Tomorrow, I will post photos of the wreath hanging on our front door, along with our pumpkins on our front steps. The garland will be done soon, I hope. I have a lot of the same floral pieces and ornaments for it along with some giant ornaments, more painted wood pumpkins, and Halloween ribbon.

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