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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October!

I cannot believe it's October. I'm not upset about it, mind you. I personally love this time of year.
The days are getting a little shorter, the temps are dropping, and there's a hint of something in the air.... FALL. My favorite season. Ever. Ever ever.

I'm not a high heat kind of gal. I sweat like a yak wearing a parka once the temps climb into the high 80's and 90's. My hair freaks out when it's humid and I start to resemble the bride of Frankenstein.

Fall is my favorite clothing time. I love my hoodies, chunky sweaters, and my boots. I love watching the leaves turn vibrant fall colors and crunching through them on trails.

Living in Minnesota for the past 6 years, I wasn't terribly happy when fall rolled around. When you live too far north, Fall doesn't last long and following it is months of darkness and bitterly cold temps.

This year? I'm back home down south and Fall is right back up there as my favorite.
At the end of this month is Halloween. And I am really looking forward to it.

Our new home has a great front porch, much better than the old house up north. At our old house, our storm door prevented me from putting a wreath outside. (I had to hang my wreath on the inside and really no one ever saw it.) Also, the porch wasn't really shaded and in the winter, it got direct sunlight all day (if the sun came out at all). So decorating was tough.

This year? I've hit the porch decorating jackpot. And I've already got some stuff ready to go.

I'll be able to put a Halloween outside, the first Halloween wreath I've ever had. Since finding a really solid looking black wreath was giving me a problem, I painted a wreath from Hobby Lobby.
I'll post a better picture of the wreath once I have it decorated.

Around the door, I'm putting up garland decorated with Halloween colored Christmas bulbs (green, purple, orange) and hand painted, flat wooden pieces in the shape of pumpkins. (One such wooden treasure can be seen up at the top of the this post.) Once again, it was a giant P.I.T.A. finding a good string of garland (black in color). So, we decided to break out the spray paint again. It's a slow process making sure everything gets a light coating.
Doesn't my husband look thrilled?

My husband is making LED light ghosts to hang in the tree out front. He's using fabric from Jo-Ann and clear Christmas bulbs from Hobby Lobby. Once he has them done, I'll be sure to post pictures.

We are painting our pumpkins. Yes, painting. I really don't like orange at all, even near Halloween. So instead of all orange pumpkins, we are painting some green, some purple, and black pumpkin or two. And if you want to carve down south, you have to wait until right before Halloween to avoid that dreaded pumpkin decomp too soon.

Here's the 3 we've done so far:
I call this one Fatty. We left it orange but hit it with silver glitter spray paint.

This is Greenie. I sprayed it green and then hit it with the Glitter Blast from Krylon. It SPARKLES.

My fav so far. That purple glitter just made my purple punkin sparkle.

We hit up our local plant nursery this past weekend when we saw that the pumpkins were rolling in off the trucks. The selection was fantastic and we even got the kids those little tiny ones for their rooms. I don't have a picture of those at the moment but they'll make an appearance on the blog soon.

One weekend before Halloween, we will be heading to a Fall Festival where we can hit up the corn maze, hay maze, and pick out a few pumpkins in the patch.

How about you? Are you a fan of Fall?

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