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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More new resin pendants in the shop!

Hello all!

How's the weather in your area? I swear, I moved  out of Minnesota back in May to avoid really cold weather, especially too early in winter. Hell, it's still FALL. But Mother Nature decided to show me a few flakes last night.
I hate her.

This weekend, we celebrated my husband's birthday with homemade baked ziti and cake.
My niece, Noodle, spent the night with us and was here to celebrate the birthday. After she passed out (do all teenagers poop out before midnight these days?), I managed to get a few more pendants made for the shop.

First up is a rainbow of beauty, inspired by The Wizard of Oz.
Black Oz, Not Kansas resin pendant: When I made polish, this was my bestseller. In the bottle, it didn't look like much. But painted on top of black? Yowza. It's a rainbow of glitters finished off with black to make the glitter glow. My mother loves this one in the sun. My niece wanted this pendant first out of the others I had when I asked. It's damn near impossible to photograph well.

Next is the pendant inspired by the movie Steel Magnolias. "My colors are Blush and Bashful, Momma!"
Dark pink 'Shelby' resin pendant: This pendant is one of two featuring my 'Shelby' mix. The pink on the back to finish this one off is darker than the other version, which I don't have photographed yet. There are two different pink glitters in various sizes suspended in this pendant.

This next one was me paying homage to the Rancho Carne Toros from the movie Bring It On! I usually don't like cheerleading movies and I only like the original featuring Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku.
Of course, this could absolutely be used on game day for any school that uses red, white, and black for its school colors. I think of the Georgia Bulldogs looking at this one.
Red 'Toro' resin pendant: Multiple sizes and shapes of red, white, and black glitter are suspended in this one and finished off with a pretty, transparent red. (For UGA fans, I did create a pendant this weekend using the same glitters but using silver on the back.... Silver britches, anyone? I just need to photograph it.)

That's all that I have for now. I have a few more new things but I need to sit down and photograph them. It's going to be difficult to photograph Ms. Peacock, my current favorite. Those pendants are finished off with shifting colors and they look so great.

Oh and be on the lookout for 'Abyss', Unda Da' Sea, and 'The Glades'. Color shifting glitters? Heck yeah!

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