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Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas decorating at my house

I am SO late on this post. Most of my Christmas decor has been up for weeks but I was slow to get photos of everything. And taking the time to watermark every photo is time consuming.

Without further delay, here's our Christmas decor, 2014:

A few years ago, I saw a commercial for Home Depot and fell in love with the idea of an ornament frame. I showed it to my husband (thanks, DVR pause feature!) and he made one for me! He built it, I painted it. He also added rope lights behind it using clear hooks.

This is the same frame, in the evening, with the rope lights turned on:

I've had these apothecaries since 2007 before I moved to MN. While in the tundra, the apothecaries were wrapped up in our storage unit because there wasn't a single place where they could have been used in the old house. I finally got them out and have started using them for different seasons.

I filled the apothecaries with foam filler balls and garland from Micheal's and a few ornaments from Hobby Lobby. The snowmen on the left are from Pier 1 Imports. Also from Pier 1 are the fairy lights (they call them Glimmer Lights) filling the apothecaries.

This house came with a fantastic space above the front door. I knew the minute that I saw it that our 4ft tall Disney tree would be up there. My husband built a box to prop it up, I added empty wrapped boxes, and glass light boxes to finish it off. I LOVE IT.

Our big, fat tree is back in full swing this year. Our living room in MN was just too small and rectangular to use it. We tried a new light design this year, using two different sizes of light strands. I love the look. It gives it so much more dimension. (Yes, that's a Winne the Pooh angel. I've had that for years.)                                                              

Outside, I FINALLY got to hang the wreath I made a few years ago on my front door. In MN with the storm door keeping out the storms, the wreath wouldn't fit so we had to hang it on the INSIDE of the door. Very few people ever saw it. So I love that it's on display now. I worked hard on it!

I also got to use garland around the door this year and was lucky enough to find ornaments that matched and/or coordinated with the ornaments on the wreath. I am loving the look. I found the planters in town and used Christmas floral pieces from Micheal's to create a topiary item.

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