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Monday, December 22, 2014

New additions to the ETSY shop

Hello all!
Are you ready for Christmas? I have to say that I'm super excited to see my kids open their gifts and I am beyond thrilled that it's almost time for the Christmas feast!

I added a few more resin pendants to the ETSY shop.
All pendants are available in 4 shapes: circle, oval, rectangle, and square.
All chain is 18 inches long but can be lengthened or shortened to your preference.

Here we go!

Inspired by the movie The Abyss. The glitter in this pendant shifts from blue to purple when you move it around in the light. Photos do this one NO justice. It's really gorgeous.
(I wore mine one day with matching earrings, which I'm working on for the shop. While I was driving and the sun was coming in the windshield, my husband made a comment about how shiny and cool they looked.)

Inspired by the movie The Princess Bride, this is Buttercup! This was a nail polish that I made for the 'Reel Brides' Collection when I made polish for Red Carpet Lacquer. Silver glitter suspended in resin and finished off with a beautiful shimmery blue.

Inspired by the movie Bring It On, this is Clover. This pendant pays homage to the East Compton Clovers and contains green, orange, and yellow glitter suspended in resin, finished off with a beautiful bright green.

'Colonel Mustard'
Of course this was inspired by the movie Clue! I love, love, LOVE that movie. And then the television show "Psych" paid homage to it on their 100th episode. Brown glitter suspended in resin, finished off with a mustard yellow. It's always reminded me of spicy mustard. The Colonel Mustard nail polish was part of the 'Clue' Collection through Red Carpet Lacquer.

'Delicious Flavor'
That's right, Psych fans. I AM, in fact, a fan of delicious flavor.
Inspired by my everlasting, ever-growing love for the television show 'Psych', this is Delicious Flavor. Suspended in the resin are green and gold glitters of varying sizes and it's finished off with a bright green.

All of these pendants and more can be found in the ETSY shop.
I'll post again with more goodies and info.

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