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Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a new year.... and I'm ready for it

Happy New Year, everyone!
I hope you all celebrated wonderfully and got home safely.

We played it totally low key by staying home. I did up my nails to go with our "glowing New Years" theme. Since I knew that my precious neons from Pipe Dream Polish would glow under a blacklight, I knew that I wanted to have the black lights out for New Years. (I'll get to the mani in a minute.)

So we found some neon plates and cups that reacted under the black lights and used glow paint from Spencer's to add a glow to the plastic trays and punch bowl we found at Party City.

For the food, we went totally low-key. I made crescent pinwheels and mini chicken salad sandwiches for the 'main course'. We also had veggies: broccoli, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes with veggie dip. (Yes, tomatoes are a fruit but for culinary reference and the dip they go with, they're veggies.) We also had strawberries and grapes with the best fruit dip in the world.

And just to bring back great memories from being a kid, we had punch. Rainbow sherbet and Sprite mixed in a punch bowl. I love that stuff! It's been so long since I had it last.

Here's what the spread looked like:

And here's what it looked like with just the black lights on:

And here's the mani that I did to ring in the New Year:

The base is Blackout from Rica.
I used all of the neon cremes from the Pipe Dream Polish 'A Night in Vegas' collection.
For the finishing, I used Glisten and Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

Doing splatter paint manicures is a lot of fun but it's messy as hell. Hopefully when I get my nail mail Friday, the mess on my hands will be a lot easier to deal with. I do have a picture of the mess under a black light and I'll get there in just a second.

But first, the mani above under a black light!

How freaking cool is that? The colors look so different when they glow!

It's interesting to see what actually glows under a black light. The polish on the far left? 
Glisten and Glow HK Girl Top Coat. None of my other top coats glowed like that!

It took me only a second after the last bit of clean-up to realize that it looked like I made my own nebula. It makes me want to take glow paint and take it outside and really do some splattering and make some art. Hahaha.

My Neon Nebula:

Look right above the blog watermark in that photo, right above the 'Gotta Be Here'... is it just me or does that look like a heart with an arrow through it? That was from me cleaning off my clean-up brush in between fingers. Total accident but it looks cool, right?

I know I've not been posting a lot lately. Sadly, I've had a medical excuse.
For over a year now, my left wrist sometimes gives me problems. I have a brace I use when it does and normally wearing it a few hours helps make the pain stop. I don't know if it's carpal tunnel, tendinitis, or something else entirely.

A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded hundreds of photos for the jewelry shop and edited all of them... in one sitting. I think the computer work irritated my wrist too much. I was in PAIN. I wore the brace for 4 days and never felt relief. It was fine as long as I didn't bend it forward or backward, which really limits your activities.

I took a long break from the computer and as of yesterday, the pain started going away. Today, it feels fine. And yes, I'll get it looked at soon. I have an appointment with the doc next week. I'm not taking any chances with my wrist and have it get to where I can barely use it.

I'll try to post more and I have some ideas for new nail art. And once my nail mail gets here, I should be able to get right on the new manicures.


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