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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I'd like to see less of in 2015, part 1

We are only a few days into a new year and I cannot help but sit and think of what annoyed me last year and hope that somehow I see less of those things this year.

Hey, a girl can hope, right?

Here are the things I wish we'd see less of this year, in not particular order:

1) Selfies- Even the word 'selfie' makes me stabby. First off... when did humans decide that everyone on their friend list, every follower, family, in-real-life friends, etc wanted to see nothing but their face? Have you looked around outside lately? The world around us may have problems but it's still pretty beautiful.

We just got through the busiest 'family time' of the year. All over the country, families and friends were gathering to celebrate the holidays and eat... a lot. Yet I swear I saw more 'selfies' than family photos. At times, I wondered if some people threw a celebration for themselves and their smartphone. Really.... never saw a single family member's face... just feet or an elbow in the background.

This is so, so sad. What makes it worse is that most people take 10 or more pics at a time to get that ONE pic to post that makes them look a little bit more attractive. I know people that take nothing but 'selfies' and it's funny to see them in person.... they look nothing like their bazillion photos on Instagram. It's all a sham.
And honestly, if I go to an Instagram account and see mostly selfies, that's a 'do not follow this person'. I want to see the world through the eyes of others... not constantly see the eyes of others.

I'm not holding onto much hope that this trend will finally falter, not with crap like this hitting the shelves at your local beauty supply store:

2) Activia commercials: You know, I don't care about your irregularity. I don't care about what happens to your tummy or bowels once you eat a fattening meal. From what I've heard from people that have tried it, it only works for certain people with certain issues.. On the plus side, at least Jamie Lee Curtis isn't in the commercials anymore. I couldn't stand her smarmy attitude anymore.

3) Wendy's commercials: Is it me or is that red-headed chick pretty fraking smarmy, too? How does this girl have ANY friends? She constantly makes her friends feel stupid and seems to revel in the fact that she has a better lunch. Then again, maybe she has a problem KEEPING friends. Each commercial features her... with a different group. Yeah, I'd kick her to the curb, too.
And don't even get me started on the SINGING commercials; terrible singing and awful lyrics. Yuk.
Maybe I'm biased anyway... not a fan of their food. I will take a Frosty, though.

4) Jeggings: Dear God, make it stop. Have you seen the newest ones? Genie Slim Jeggings? Who they heck are they people fooling? "Get great fashion and style at a fraction of the cost of designer skinny jeans" Great fashion? According to.... the millions of women in the country that REFUSE to buy something this awful? I understand that designer jeans aren't cheap but come on... sometimes you get what you pay for. And the last I checked, designer jeans don't look like their trying to make their way up to your neck to wring it. No one will be fooled by these.

Yup, this is just part 1. Depending on my mood in the next few days, there could be many other parts to this post. For now... I have only one planned.

Until then.... take pictures of the world, not yourself.

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