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Monday, January 26, 2015

Shows you should be watching

When it comes to television shows to watch, there are A LOT of choices. Some shows make me want to run screaming from the planet just by having to see their commercials. (At least they canceled Honey Boo Boo, right?)

I've written a little in the past about my favorite shows. If you'd like to read it, click here. Some shows are still on that list and some won't be talked about anymore because they aren't ON ANYMORE. Yes, I'm bitter. Just a bit.

Let's start off with a newer show on USA Network, because I need to give you enough time to watch the NEW SEASON this Tuesday, January 27th!
If you don't like vulgar jokes and swear words, skip this first show, mmkay?

USA NETWORK: Tuesdays at 10pm EST, starting January 27th

My husband and I saw previews for this last year and it looked decently funny. We set the DVR to record and when we watched it, we were dying. See, it's vulgar. But it's smart vulgar. Hell, it's spurred by none other than Dennis Leary.
It's about EMT's and the crap they see a day on the job. (Castle fans may recognize one of the stars since Michael Mosley is none other than Jerry Tyson, 3XK.)

It's on later at night so they allow some hellacious swear words, which I don't have an issue with at all. Some of the topics on the show may make some pearl clutching ladies blush but I love it.

CBS: Thursdays at10pm EST

I am so in love with this show! Jonny Lee Miller does a hell of a job bringing Sherlock Holmes into modern day. And even though for years I was not a fan or hater of Lucy Lui, I am loving her as Watson. The show is smart, brings in characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories, and it's got a catchy little tune for an intro.

Alaska: The Last Frontier
Discovery Channel: Sundays at 9pm EST

Warning!!! If you are against killing animals for food/survival, don't watch the show.
I stumbled upon the show one night in a hotel room in Paducah, KY on a trip to TN.

The Kilcher family lives on a homestead in Alaska. There are 4 generations living on this homestead now and the shows follows them throughout spring, summer, and fall and captures the hell they go through to procure enough meat, veggies, and everything else they need to survive 8-9 long months of Alaskan winters.
In the 1930's, Yule Kilcher and his wife moved to Alaska from Switzerland. They carved out a homestead and proceeded to raise a family. They had 8 children, 2 of whom are a feature on the show. The two main people featured on the show are Atz and Otto Kilcher, sons of Yule and Ruth. Atz's 3 sons (Shane, Atz Lee, and Nikkos) are now on the show on any given night. Atz Lee's wife Jane, Shane's wife Kelli, and Atz's wife Bonnie are also featured and you see what it's like living on the homestead from a female perspective.
Otto is married to Charlotte and their son August is on the show sometimes. (Interestingly, Charlotte is a vegetarian and lives in an area where you really cannot afford to be against eating meat.) 
From a previous marriage, Otto's son Eivin is also on the show along with his wife Eve. They now have a baby and he is PRECIOUS.

I have learned more about Alaska and what it must have been like living in the Pioneer Days from watching this show. It's great. I would love to have the will and get up and go to live that life. Even though they bust their asses procuring food and supplies each year, they have a far more laid back life.

I didn't know until after watching it, but there is a member of the Kilcher family that EVERYONE reading this has seen and heard before and you probably don't make the association.

Jewel? Sweet little, yodeling Jewel? Yeah. She's the only daughter of Atz Kilcher, sister to Shane, Atz Lee and Nikkos, and niece to Otto. Don't believe that could be so? Read this.

That's all I have today. I will surely be making a part 2 because lord knows I have more than 3 shows.

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