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Monday, April 1, 2013

Seriously, Drink Your Water

PSA from It's Gotta Be Here Somewhere:

To not know or have heard that you need to drink a lot of water, you'd have to have been living under a rock for the last few decades.

Our bodies are made up of about 70% water. Our brains, bones, lungs...they all need water. And throughout the day, especially if you live in humid areas or do a lot of working out, you lose a lot of water.

I didn't drink enough water back when I was thinner. Not at all. One day in my early to mid 20's, I had to go see a doctor due to constantly being dizzy. After giving them a urine sample, I was told that I was dehydrated. The doctor told me that if I didn't promise to leave there and get a huge bottle of water and start drinking, he was going to have to hook me up to an IV right then and there. My levels of dehydration were dangerously low.

The second summer at tennis camp in 1995, I also got dehydrated. I passed out at the pool and fell down. And of course, my head hit the only metal thing around, the little hole to stick the patio umbrellas into the patio. I was rushed to the ER, miles away from any family, and was given an IV and a CAT Scan. I also couldn't play for a few weeks on the doc's orders so I had to go home early.

I have had a less than stellar history with water consumption.

But I am proud to say that I have learned to incorporate more water into my life. The only downside to this seems to be how often I frequent the restroom. Seriously, peeing every thirty minutes can get annoying. But it doesn't happen too often if I am working out regularly.

And my husband and I spend a great deal of time telling the kids to drink more water as well. Both kids and my husband have experienced severely dry skin in the winter here in MN. And it's usually due to them not drinking enough water. Their hands get scaly. It's like living with 3 lizards.

Your skin needs water. Your lips are less chapped with more water in your diet.

The kids drink water and low fat milk. NO juice boxes. And they don't hate it. If you start kids early, they grow up being used to it and not constantly asking for sodas or juice.

And if you're trying to eat less at dinner, try drinking a little water before the meal. It will fill you up faster and prevent the overeating.

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