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Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Things Just Perplex Me

Happy Friday!

We got SO lucky yesterday with the weather. While it was about 30 degrees colder than it was on Tuesday, we somehow missed all of the snow. It went right by us.
Meanwhile, Rochester got pummeled. While I feel terrible for them... YAY for us!
By the end of the weekend, the temps are supposed to climb back up. Let's hope it stays there this time.

The post today is all about what I don't get... or things that drive me nuts.

1)  Duck lips
WHY are there still people (okay, females) making duck lips while being photographed? It drives me nuts.
One of the worst offenders is Shay Mitchell. I think she's really pretty but in almost ALL of the photos she posts of herself, her lips aren't in a natural smile. (And when she takes photos with Ashley Benson, they BOTH do it.)

Example: from fanpop.com

Why does she do that? I get why almost ALL of her photos show her left side. She obviously favors the left side when being photographed. And she almost ALWAYS tilts her head and swings her gorgeous hair around on her shoulder. If I had a mane like that, I would do it, too.

But the lips. It drives me batty. Just SMILE.

2)  Kim Kardashian. 
I don't get why anyone is fascinated with her, in a good way. Now if the fascination is simply something like watching a train wreck, I get it.
She still claims to never have had surgery?

photo supplied by itsjustshowbiz.wordpress.com

Seriously? NO ONE'S face changes like that naturally. And she's heading in the WRONG direction. Another few years and she'll be in the same boat as Joan Rivers and making commercials about not being able to tell if she's smiling.

And how much money do you suppose she spends on make-up a year? (Or does she just NEVER take it off?) I read that she spends $15,000+ on a freaking workout bag so it's not hard to imagine that she spends thousands on make-up a year.

Beauty wise, I prefer more natural people. ANYONE can look a certain way (I'd say 'better' but Kim never really looks 'better') with a ton of make-up and airbrushing.

3)  Females blaming their mood swings on their periods.
This annoys me beyond belief.
I see little pics on Pinterest all the time showing what women look like during the week of their periods. Please.

I have known MANY females in my 35 years. And I can honestly say that the ONLY girls that I ever known that blamed their moods on their periods where usually the biggest bitches that I had ever met... on any given day. The period never had anything to do with it.

I get the bloating. I get the cramping. And my appetite sometimes changes. A little.
But I DON'T fly off the handle and go into a rage. (Stupidity makes me do that, not my time of the month.) I doubt that I am a freak of nature. Of all of the female friends that I've had and spent a lot of time with, I cannot name one that acts like a raging biotch for a week every month.

4) People Magazine's Most Beautiful (Man or Woman)
Really, People? Have you seen EVERY face in the world?
Why don't you call it Most Beautiful CELEBRITY?
And even then, beauty is too subjective. I can't remember the last time, or first time, that I agreed with the cover of one of those.

And to make it worse, they used airbrushed photos. Well, hell. A lot of people will look better when you mess with their images in photoshop.

So, yeah. I'm easily irritated.
Just wait for the post about "Things That Make Me Want to Vomit".


  1. I love it! Yes, clearly we're on the same wavelength.