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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Careful: Don't defend some while screwing over tons of others

Warning: Rant ahead. Proceed with caution.

Recently, there have been a lot of posts on Facebook complaining/ranting about the fact that some of the retail stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year.

I've seen people urging their friends to go nowhere near these stores because it's so wrong/mean/capitalistic to make people work on Thanksgiving. And I can see where some people might feel this way.


Have the people pushing for the empty stores actually thought about what they are saying?
If you are one of those people, or even if you're like me and didn't get all in a tizzy about it, read carefully.

If you are going to boycott the stores simply because making someone work on Thanksgiving is wrong, then you might want to think of alternatives for certain situations that may arise:

1) On Thanksgiving while you are making your feast for your family, if your power goes out....deal with it by stopping what you are doing and making a PB sandwich. Why?
Because if you call the power company, who do you think is going to answer that call?
That's right... the person having to work ON THANKSGIVING simply to answer your calls.

Also, who do you think will be dispatched to fix the power? A robot?
Nope. The people on call ON THANKSGIVING. The people that had to leave their family dinner to make sure that you have the dinner you want to have.

2) If your family is gathered around to watch the football game that night and your cable or dish goes out... deal with it by enjoying the company around you. Why?
Who do you think is answering your call at the cable or dish company?
That's right... the people at the company that have to work ON THANKSGIVING in case you have a problem with your television service.

Also, who gets called to fix it if the lines are down? Is it always done remotely?
Nope. The people on call ON THANKSGIVING. The people that have to leave their family dinners to make sure that you get to watch the game.

3) Speaking of the football game... who is at that stadium that night? Just the fans?
Nope. The concession people, security, event staff, janitors, television crews, announcers, etc. are all there ON THANKSGIVING.

4) When you have to leave the house to visit your in-laws or own parents or other family, don't stop for gas. Why?
Because that guy or girl working in the gas station ON THANKSGIVING is there in case you need gas to get around instead of staying home... or maybe filling up the day before.

5) If you have to fly to your holiday destination, make sure that you arrive before Thanksgiving. (Cross your fingers for no layovers or canceled flights the day before.) Why?
Because the airports are open ON THANKSGIVING. TSA, baggage handlers, security, flight attendants, pilots, food vendors, shuttle drivers, etc... they are all there for you while you are on your way to your fabulous Thanksgiving.

6) If you live in an area that can/will get snow on Thanksgiving, don't leave your home. Why?
Plow drivers are on call ON THANKSGIVING so that you can get to where you need to go.

7) Don't get hurt, set anything on fire in the kitchen, or get robbed or crash. Why?
Because police officers, EMT's, and firefighters are working ON THANKSGIVING because... well, they work every damn day of the year. How safe would you feel if they didn't?

8) Don't need immediate medical treatment. Why?
Do you think those nurses love having to work ON THANKSGIVING so that they can treat/tend to you when you do something to be admitted or taken to the hospital?

9) Don't wake up and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Why?
Sure, most of the entertainment is loving being in the parade... but what about the people busting their asses to make the parade happen, while having to work ON THANKSGIVING so that you and your kids are entertained?

10) If you burn your turkey or some other dish, deal with it by eliminating it from the menu. Why?
Some grocery stores have always stayed open ON THANKSGIVING so that if you have a mishap, you can fix it.

Not to mention, not everyone celebrates American holidays. (And for those of you that just went all racial on me and started sputtering "well, this is 'Merica and if they don't like our holidays, they should go home"... I pity you. Go away.)

Some folks are without family and spend the holidays alone. Every. Single Year.
Go to a local hole-in-the-wall bar on Thanksgiving or Christmas and see how many people are drinking to forget that they are alone in the world.

Some folks cannot stand being home all evening after an entire day with their families and maybe they want to get out.

Before you start taking it personal that other people might have to work on the holidays this year, stop and think. How many people are you causing to work on the holidays this year?

K... rant over.
Is it time for turkey and dressin' yet?

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