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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Football, and flags, and frozen cheese.... Oh my!

Our trip to TN/GA started off with a great surprise and just got better. We had already driven to Scottsboro and hit up Unclaimed Baggage by midday and then we had to get to the field.

That first Friday we were there, the twins had their last home game of the season and we finally got to see their halftime show.

This is the first year the girls have been in color guard and I am SO proud of them. From practicing outside each day wearing their softball helmets to avoid head injuries to tossing those flags high on the field, they have improved so much!

This is from the beginning of the season, before we could get down to visit:

It was so great to see them perform. Sadly, the football team only won one game this year so the game wasn't that fun to watch. And it was SO cold.
And that may sound weird seeing as we were in GA, not MN... but the windchill was seriously around freezing that night. (Meanwhile in MN that night, in the 40's. Are you kidding me?!?) Whenever people down south ask about living where it's always freezing, I always respond the same: "Yes, it's cold but it's not like we sit outside in the frigid night for hours."
Well, that's pretty much what we did.

We sat through the first half and halftime. Peanut and Button LOVED seeing their cousins out there and were so happy, other than the fact that Peanut was shivering. During the 3rd quarter, we got up to get food and I swear it cold colder the more we were up walking around. My nachos and cheese? 30 seconds after buying them my cheese felt like it just came out of the FRIDGE.

We spent the last quarter in the car thawing out. (It didn't last long. They used the mercy rule and let the clock tick away.)

Then we hit up Steak-n-Shake after the game because that cold cheese did nothing for me.
Have you been there lately? If you go, get the Garlic Double Steakburger and prepare to almost die from food heaven.

By the time we got into bed that night, I barely remember turning off the lights.
And the next day was even better.

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