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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stuff found on Pinterest

I love Pinterest. Occasionally I find recipes that I want to trip or crafts that I might be able to pull off.

Like most people, I can spend hours on Pinterest without trying. I look through the feed of boards that I follow and then click up top on "Everything". And they do mean everything.

Why in the hell would you do this? Having made glitter polish in the past, I have absolutely no yearning to have more glitter in my house. It's like a really bad STD... you're stuck with it forever, no matter how much you clean it.
Plus, does this qualify as defacing money? You know, the illegal thing the government hates?

I couldn't help but laugh at this.
The best part was that the pinner wrote under it "I knew it wasn't only me".
I usually replay arguments in my head and then come up with the shit that I SHOULD have said when I had the chance... but I was on a 2 Day Brain Delay.

Who makes this? Who wears this? Wouldn't that itch like a bitch?
Don't men typically touch that area, constantly adjusting?
And... how in the hell did someone agree to pose for this picture?

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